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Change Resilience Program – Staff, Management and Executives

The human brain is generally wired to be wary of change. It’s a survival instinct. We usually adapt to change because we have to, not because

Hot Links to Learning – Change Management

What do change, death and dodgy politicians have in common? You can guarantee they’re going to happen! Whether we like it or not, Change is

Simon Sinek LIVE in Australia | Sydney available only – Special rates!

Southern Cross Coaching is a proud supporter of the “Start with Why” Leadership Forum in Sydney and Melbourne in March 2017. As a priority, we wanted to

Merry Christmas from Southern Cross Coaching & Development!

Thank you for your support this year, and for being part of the Southern Cross Coaching & Development Community. We look forward to working with

Hot Links to Learning – Resilience – 18 Nov 2016

Resilience is our Hot Links topic this week, and that is something that we’re extremely passionate about. As is fostering a supportive company culture to