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It’s time to flip leadership from the old ‘top-down’, ‘do-as-the-boss-says’, hierarchical cultures that are simply not working to empowering, engaging, solution and future-driven cultures.

We’ve delivered our neuroscience-based T.O.A.D.™ Coaching Leadership program to people across the Private and Public Sectors, with equally superb results. Coaching Leadership (upwards as well as downwards) fits in with the neuroscience research in that it puts good chemicals into people’s brains so people feel valued and appreciated. They feel happier and hence perform better. It is also the core behavioural competency underpinning emotional intelligence.

“So simple. It’s had a profound impact on our organisation. I use it daily in almost every aspect of my executive role, from working with my Executive Leadership team to briefing the company CEO.”

CEO, division of Ramsay Healthcare

About the T.O.A.D.™ Coaching Culture Leadership Program and Managing Up

Managing up in this way is a critical part of leadership at every level from the moment you step into a leadership role (and probably before you actually get promoted too), but at the middle-senior management level it often becomes the deciding factor in your future leadership success – and your team’s ultimate success. The earlier you learn this the better.

The objectives of this neuroscience-based, practical and interactive 1-day Coaching Leadership program are to develop EVERYDAY Coaching Conversation skills for leaders at all levels.

“This was probably the best leadership course I have done with lots of relevant knowledge and very practical skills/tools to use.” Administration Officer, NSW Police

We recommend the skills in this program are used as a foundation leadership style 65-70% of the time. A Coaching Leadership style will produce happier, more engaged, people who take more responsibility and think more for themselves and solve more problems themselves.

This program will also give your team and organisation a common language to improve engagement, leadership, teamwork, collaboration, communication & understanding, relationships, and innovation.

Key elements of this T.O.A.D.™ Coaching Leadership Training:

  • A neuroscience-based ‘why’ for what makes Coaching Leadership SO powerful
  • Integration of your organisations’ values into the program
    • Demonstration of how a Coaching Leadership style is the most effective tool to drive behaviours that uphold those values
  • A current coaching skills assessment
  • A neuroscience-based understanding of how your brain works (and other people’s), what this means for you as a leader and how this is important for managing up
  • What is NOT and what IS Coaching Leadership
  • Learn our unique,  profoundly simple, whole-brain T.O.A.D.™ Coaching approach
  • Brain-based coaching for solutions for insights, empowerment and innovation
  •  How to shift to a Growth Mindset from a fixed mindset
  • Advanced Coaching, Listening, Questioning and Managing up skills
  • How to give advice in a Coaching Culture
  • Practice, practice and more practice!

“This tool shortens sales cycles, gives greater breath to and bigger, more predictable deals. On one recent deal with a major global logistics client we used this tool across our team…the client didn’t even negotiate – that’s unheard of in our industry!” –

Coaching Culture Leadership

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