Coaching Culture Leadership: NSW Business Chamber – Member Offer

For pioneering Leaders who are ready to inspire and shape the future of leadership!

Better engagement, collaboration, innovation, staff ownership and managing up through Powerful Conversations

Train you and your team for the future with our pioneering Powerful Conversations Coaching Leadership tool! Get 20% off the price of our 1 day Coaching Culture Leadership Program, when you book before 21/4/18.

You will boost collaboration, communication, build trust, facilitate better thinking and improve performance and even innovation.

Who we are:

Simon Smith is the ICF Australia Coach of the Year (2013) and the founder/CEO of Southern Cross Coaching & Development. Simon has over 30 years experience in brain-based leadership, coaching and consulting across the private & public sectors.

We link the latest neuroscience findings with human behaviour to create high performing, motivated and innovative teams and organisations.

COACHING CULTURE LEADERSHIP is all about practical, day-to-day, powerful conversations to empower people to take more ownership of and responsibility for their work.

Based on the latest practical neuroscience, social motivators and engagement research, it will enhance people’s responsibility, collaboration, productivity and innovation. It will create better engagement and better teamwork – and it will free up leaders so they have more time to think strategically.

Our model is unique. It’s a complete game changer. It’s NOT the GROW model – but it will dovetail perfectly with it (and similar models) to further enhance organisations who have adopted this approach.

In this packed one-day program:

  • Learn and practice our pioneering MUST-HAVE Coaching Culture Leadership tool
  • Discover the latest Neuroscience findings crucial to empower you to understand and better lead your fellow human beings
  • Create a unique and specific action plan to implement the new knowledge into your everyday actions
  • Mindset to be a coach
  • How to develop a Growth Mindset
  • Understand what Coaching Culture Leadership is & isn’t
  • Clarify the core competencies of Coaching
  • Understand why insights are so important & how to help people achieve more of them through Coaching Leadership
  • How to give advice in a Coaching Culture
  • Advanced Coaching Communication skills
  • Coaching practice, practice and more practice!

Be part of the Coaching Culture Leadership Revolution. Engage, empower and guide your people with confidence and clarity. Get in touch with us and shape your future leadership today! 

Be TOADally….  inspired!

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