Round Table Discussion ‘Coaching Culture Leadership’

Round Table Discussion:

Coaching Culture Leadership –
For better engagement, collaboration, innovation, staff ownership and managing up

Private Sector

Date: Thursday 20th September 18
Cost: Free
Registration Time: 8.30 am 
Start: Sharp 8.45 am
End: 10.45 am
Location: Level 12, 37 Bligh St
Sydney NSW 2000
Host: Simon Smith, CEO, Southern Cross Coaching & Development

Our popular interactive Round Table Discussion series continues and together we’ll explore thinking and ideas around Coaching Culture Leadership. 

Our vision for the future of effective leadership is a foundation culture of Coaching Leadership in organisations – at all levels.

It fits in with the latest practical neuroscience research, human social and behavioural interaction as well as engagement studies.

We’d like to get an understanding of your thinking about Coaching Culture Leadership and what it means to you & your organisations.

We’d also like to share with you our thinking & experience in this area, and introduce you to a unique, pioneering everyday Coaching Leadership model.

This model was recently described as “profound…so simple…it shouldn’t really need explaining, it makes so much sense” (CEO, division of Ramsay Health Care), and “bloody brilliant!” (Asia Pacific & Japan COO, Software AG).

As a leading executive you deal with massive challenges: constant change; unremitting time pressures; the spiralling speed of economic and technological changes is hard to keep up with – what works today might not work tomorrow. Increasingly, you’re leading people who are more expert than you.
Solving these dynamic problems is what separates successful from unsuccessful leaders and businesses.

In this interactive Round Table Discussion we’ll discuss Coaching Culture Leadership and other strategies to: maximise others thinking: give you more time for strategic thinking; how to manage up better; better innovation; better engagement, and more.

To explore this challenging topic we’re bringing together a group of leaders, influencers and experts from across the Private Sector to hear directly your opinions and current challenges, brainstorm ideas, explore thinking, and share knowledge, expertise and successes.
We’ll facilitate a structured discussion and capture the content to produce a useful summary afterwards. We’ll also share some of our expertise and the intelligence and ideas that we’ve picked up from working widely across Private and Public Sector organisations. We look forward to seeing you there!

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