Webinar Coaching Culture Leadership


For better engagement, collaboration, innovation, staff ownership and managing up

Thursday 6th September 2018
12:30 pm – 1:30 pm (AEST)
Cost $65

Why you should know what ‘Coaching Culture Leadership’ is:

As Coaching Culture Leadership pioneers, we see creating a true Coaching Culture – led by true Coaching Leaders at all levels – as the future of leadership. The best, most engaging future leaders are Coaching Leaders 65-70% of the time. 

Coaching Culture Leadership organisations will lead the pack with the best employee engagement, most effective collaboration, communication and innovation, empowered staff, better succession plans and are solution focused, high performance workplaces. Organisations with a Coaching Leadership Culture will forge ahead of those without and leave others in their dust wondering what happened!

Do you want to be ahead of the pack? 

Then join the Webinar “Coaching Culture Leadership” and be part of the Revolution!

We’ll share our unique and pioneering Coaching Leadership model again, which will catapult you ahead of the game as a Future Leader! 

This model was described as “profound…so simple…it shouldn’t really need explaining, it makes so much sense” (CEO, division of Ramsay Health Care), and:

“bloody brilliant! I got more out of 5-minutes using this model than a whole hour meeting last week!” (Asia Pacific & Japan COO, Software AG).

We’ll link the latest practical neuroscience research with engagement and other practical human behavioural science to show you why Coaching Culture Leadership is such a powerful underpinning day-to-day leadership style and why it works so well.

This Webinar will cover:

  • What IS ‘Coaching Culture Leadership?
  • Introduction to our pioneering ‘Coaching Culture Leadership’ Tool
  • Insights into the latest practical neuroscience for leadership
  • Why Coaching Leadership is so powerful
  • Why it is a tool to translate most company values into day-to-day real world behaviours
  • Why it boosts engagement and innovation, (and frees up your time as a leader)
  • Strategies to maximise others thinking that give you more time for strategic planning

As a leading executive you deal with massive challenges: constant change; unremitting time pressures; the spiralling speed of economic and technological changes is hard to keep up with – what works today might not work tomorrow. Increasingly, you’re leading people who are more expert than you. Solving these dynamic problems is what separates successful from unsuccessful leaders and businesses.

Our pioneering Coaching Leadership tool is THE future strategy of successful Future Leaders!

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