Coaching Culture: #1 Leadership for best Engagement

This neuroscience-based course is guaranteed to build capable, engaging Coaching Leaders literally from Day 1!

Put us to the test. This pioneering, super-practical, neuroscience and engagement research-based Coaching Leadership training program develops real-world practical Coaching Leadership skills for leaders to use 70% of the time: Every day. Every week. Every month. Feedback from our clients tells us T.O.A.D. Coaching Leadership changes cultures.

Some key highlights of the course: 

  • Understand the practical neuroscience of how your brain works to coach and lead more effectively
  • Learn and practice the T.O.A.D. Coaching whole-brain coaching approach. T.O.A.D. Coaching is our unique coaching leadership model for EVERYDAY coaching leadership.
  • Developing a Growth Mindset as a Coaching Leader for better performance solution-focused empowerment improved thinking
  • Advanced communication skills for leaders at all levels
  • Lots of practice

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