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Being a panel member can be one of the hardest things to to do. Recruiting the right people carries a great responsibility. It’s critical to the team and the organisation: getting it wrong can have far-reaching consequences. It can also be a deeply personal experience to candidates and panel members alike – both are often as nervous as each other!

Panel members usually get at least an online version of Merit Selection training, but we find people are still often uncertain about the nitty-gritty real-life practicalities:

“The course provided guidance on how the content is applied practically” Principal Strategic Planner, LM City Council 

How do we actually cull and shortlist in real life? How do we recruit for for team fit? How do we rank candidates based on their application/Targeted Questions/CV, etc.

What are the rules of evidence we have to consider?  What Code of Conduct & Ethics do we have to adhere to? How do we tell if someone’s lying?

How do we deal with unconscious bias & the Halo Effect? What questions can we ask? Can we prompt? How do we make it a more human experience for people?

How do we give feedback to unsuccessful applicants? What do we do for referee checks?

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Our Effective Recruitment for Public Sector Panel Members  program answers all these questions and more.

“Great overview of the whole merit-based recruitment process which was linked to our internal processes & procedures” Resourcing Officer, LM City Council

We tailor each course to your organisation’s precise needs, including your in-house recruitment systems & process. 

We also walk panel members through a practical culling, shortlisting and ranking experience, as well as conducting behavioural interviews – all based on specifically designed applications and CVs.

This very practical program will equip Local, State and Federal Government panel members with the practical tools, knowledge and confidence to competently and confidently do their best job as a panel member.

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