Emotional Intelligence Development

Happier staff, improved leadership, better relationships, reduced conflict, less stress, better performance & increased productivity!

Sounds like a dream, right?

Let Simon Smith, CEO of Southern Cross Coaching & Development, take you through this 1 hour Webinar about Emotional Intelligence to give you an insight about how to change on-the-ground behaviours in the workplace, to help boost performance and therefore fuel productivity as a result.

None of the airy-fairy stuff – we are about translating all that into good old practical, real life, real world behaviours, outcomes & action in the workplace and outside. 

Our take on Emotional Intelligence is that it’s all about the way you relate to, react to and impact on others – from a completely holistic, 360-degree perspective, whether you are a leader, peer or a staff member, in an internal or external client-facing role. 

We build Emotional Intelligence to improve the practical ways people interact to create better teamwork and respectful, harmonious, happier and more engaging relationships with staff, colleagues, management & clients alike.

“80% of people join an organisation because they like the organisations values and brand … 58% of people leave organisations because they do not like their manager.”

A lack of Emotional Intelligence can turn a potentially good leader or staff member into an ineffective one.

Like it or not, perception IS the reality. A person may have a heart of gold…but then so does a hard-boiled egg! You may have the best intentions, and often a real passion for what you do, but if your message and how you deliver it comes across the wrong way, it can cause real problems! 

Often people still achieve or even over achieve KPIs, but if it’s done with a lack of Emotional Intelligence… There will likely be unhappy staff, complaints, gossip and talk of feelings of it being a dictatorial autocracy rather than one of teamwork, consultation and collaboration.

During this webinar you will get insights in: 

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