Round Table Discussion Coaching Culture Leadership

Round Table Discussion:

Flexible Minds = Flexible Leaders

Date: Friday, 11 May 2018
Cost: Free
Registration Time: 8.30 am 
Start: Sharp 8.45 am
End: 10.45 am
Location: Fishburners, Level 2, 17 York St, Sydney NSW 2000
Facilitators: Kate & Maja, Founder & Director, Juggle Strategies
Host: Simon Smith, CEO, Southern Cross Coaching & Development

For our next Round Table event we are partnering with Juggle Strategies, who specialise in the implementation of flexible work practices.  

Flexible Work Practices have substantial benefit to organisations, individuals and society. Therefore flexibility has been on the agenda for several years in both private and public sector organisations.

Flexible work practices must be successfully implemented so that flexible behaviour change becomes normalised – we have to learn how to work differently.  The difficulties in changing day to day working habits and social norms is something that many organisations have underestimated.

This is why, even in the organisations where flexibility has been implemented, significant pockets of resistance remain, and countless stories of people whose day-to-day experience is very different than the strategy and the policy set by their employer.

Whether flexibility thrives or dies a quiet death in your organisation will be determined by your front line leadership.

Sharing their experiences of working with leaders and organisations across Australia and NZ, Juggle Strategies will share their insights and facilitate a discussion on:

  • The top fears preventing leaders from embracing and normalising flexibility
  • The actions we can take to overcome those fears, and how we can help flexible teams thrive by building foundations based on 4 factors:
    1. Trust
    2. Communication
    3. Flexible Mindsets and
    4. Outcome Focused Performance Management
  • Outcomes of successful implementation – the upside to business, teams and their wider communities

The organisational capability we build now, delivers successful flexible teams today.  Incredibly, this capability also helps us get ready for the coming changes to the world of work – the rise of the “independent worker”, increase in disruption, and heavy need for agility.

So, come join us for a robust discussion with industry leaders and lets move the needle on such an important tool in delivering exceptional business outcomes whilst enabling your people to thrive.  



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