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This weeks’ theme is Leadership on a personal and professional level, in particular the importance of the role of Executive Coaching in the development of competent leaders.

Additionally, and from a totally different angle, we’re sharing the link to an interview with Southern Cross Coaching & Development’s National Business Development Manager Nicolien Timmer, about her experience of working with us while facing family expansion as well.

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The Respectful Leader by Gregg Ward will help you recognize the power of respect and show you how to create a winning culture based on Respectful Leadership:

  • Discover the key behaviours used by respectful leaders to significantly impact morale.
  • Learn how to adjust your own and others’ attitudes to boost productivity, teamwork, and profits.
  • Grow personally and professionally by leading from a place of mutual respect and consideration.

Link to the book ‘The Respectful Leader’

A bonus link about working at Southern Cross Coaching & Development

Since this article was published, we are very pleased to announce that little Nina was born on Saturday 29th October and experienced her first Trick or Treating outing at just 2 days old! If you’d like to send on your congratulations to Nicolien at [email protected] we will ensure that all of your messages are forwarded on to her!

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