Job Application & Interview Skills – In-House Course – 18 Aug 2016

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” The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Benjamin Franklin

Whether you have to apply for your current role, or you want to go for that promotion, or you are looking for another position, this practical, easy to understand Job Application and Interview Skills course will give you the best possible chance of getting that job!

Our in-house courses are customised for each particular organisation and tailored to every group wherever possible. We also have an executive version available.

This course has been widely presented and liked by 4000+ State (NSW & QLD) and Federal Public Sector participants!  

“The [Job Application & Interview Skills] course I did with Southern Cross Coaching & Development was also the best of its kind that I have attended.” Participant, NSW DET

“I have attended other similar courses, but I feel I got much more out of this course. The speaker was highly articulate, made the subject matter interesting and highly relevant.” Participant, NSW OEH

Horoscope instead of CV

For tips on how to apply for your ideal job, please check the following links:

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