Leadership Support Line

Confidential, individual coaching support for leaders and managers at all levels – from new managers to seasoned CEOs. We have an Executive Coach online and on hand to support you.

How does it work?

We’ve set up a Leadership Helpline model, providing access to an experienced Leadership Coach who will support you through whatever personal leadership challenges you’re facing. It’s a confidential and safe space. There are NO stupid questions!

  • Leaders can book in a 1-Hour phone coaching session with an expert Coach. 
  • Alternatively, organisations can bulk book a series of sessions and individuals selected for the program can then contact us directly to allocate them the best-fit coach and book a session when it suits them. 

Through our network of 35+ experienced coaches and consultants, leaders and managers at ANY level can call and speak to a widely and deeply experienced Leadership Coach and receive expert, on-the-fly, non-judgemental leadership and management advice, guidance, counsel, support and reassurance.

How do I book or get more information?

Fill in the form below or email  [email protected] and we’ll get back to you