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Coaching Culture Leadership

This is a pioneering, practical, neuroscience-based, highly interactive 1-day Coaching Conversations training program to develop Coaching Conversations skills for leaders. The main objectives of the

Coaching Culture Leadership

As Coaching Culture Leadership pioneers, we see creating a true Coaching Culture – led by true Coaching Leaders at all levels – as the future

Team Building Event – Social Scavenger

A team building day (or 1/2 day), using our innovative Social Scavenger Smart-phone based app, engages the team as they complete a series of short,

Hot Links To Learning – Managing Up

Managing Up is a crucial skill, but one of the hardest things to do. How well you do it can undoubtedly make or break your

Change Resilience Program – Staff, Management and Executives

The human brain is generally wired to be wary of change. It’s a survival instinct. We usually adapt to change because we have to, not because

How To Choose The Best Executive Coach For You?

There are over 10,000 coaches in Australia. So, choosing the best Executive Coach for you can be a real challenge. Executive Coaching is a significant investment in time,

Hot Links to Learning – Change Management

What do change, death and dodgy politicians have in common? You can guarantee they’re going to happen! Whether we like it or not, Change is

Simon Sinek LIVE in Australia | Sydney available only – Special rates!

Southern Cross Coaching is a proud supporter of the “Start with Why” Leadership Forum in Sydney and Melbourne in March 2017. As a priority, we wanted to

Complimentary – Round Table Discussion Managing Up PUBLIC Sector – 14 FEBRUARY 2017

Our popular Round Table Discussion series continues into 2017! In the first discussion of this year, we’ll explore thinking and ideas around Managing Up, i.e.

Hot Links To Learning – Leadership in 2017

This weeks’ Hot Links To Learning theme is Leadership. We’ve collated several articles, videos, and a book for you, offering insight on how anyone can