01 Team Management and Facilitation

Team Management & Facilitation

This program will assist participants in developing practical skills to build strengths within their team. It explores the key motivators of the team and the individuals, and focus on building trust, communication, gaining group/individual commitment, developing accountability, conflict management, and achieving results together.

Expected learning outcomes:

  • Understand yourself and your team. Build trust and develop team accountabilities
  • Enhance your communication abilities
  • Create a shared vision
  • Understand Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Develop better communication across the team using EQ
  • Create a results- focused team

In addition to engaged team training, we offer individual coaching and psychometric assessments, which can assist managers to enhance their management styles.

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Giving and Receiving Feedback

"As a result of this program, previously chronic under-performers are now performing satisfactorily, managers are happier, and we’re meeting KPIs above and beyond what we were - especially in areas like our performance management appraisal targets. I have managers – happily - doing things like HR plans, which I have been trying to get them to do for 3 years!"

NSW FACS Western Sydney

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