Terms and Conditions SCC&D

Payment Terms

All invoices are payable within 30 days of date of invoice. SCC&D reserves the right to charge reasonable interest rates after the 30-day period for all outstanding invoices.

SCC&D reserves the option to charge travel and accommodation costs upfront, especially if these are booked significantly in advance to save money for a client and/or are of significant cost.

Our *100% money-back guarantee is dependent on our clients paying their invoices by the due date.

Cancellation/Postponement Policy

A minimum of 10 full working days cancellation/postponement is required for Facilitation, Training, Team Coaching, (full or ½ days) of booked Coaching and Team Building sessions. If less than 10 days notice is received, 50% of the amount will be payable.

This also applies to a reduction in participant numbers within 10 working days – i.e. if 25 people are originally booked on the course and numbers fall below 20 within 10 working days, the organisation will be invoiced for the original number, as extra facilitators/consultants/workbooks will already be booked.

If Facilitation, Training,  Team Coaching, (full or ½ days) of booked Coaching and Team Building sessions are cancelled/postponed within 5 full working days of the session, the amount will be payable in full. This also applies to any reduction in participant numbers within 5 working days.

In the event of any cancellation/postponement of Facilitation, Training,  Team Coaching, (full or ½ days) of booked Coaching and Team Building sessions, any non-refundable travel and accommodation (including booking fees) booked by SCC&D for consultant travel will be charged to the organisation at cost price, including booking/cancellation/penalty fees, etc.

For Coaching, a minimum of five working days notice of cancellation/postponement is required for all Coaching appointments. If sufficient notice is not received, the session will be forfeit or liable for payment in full if part of a pre-paid or pre-booked session respectively (single or multi-session caching or part of a booked full or part day session/program), or will be payable in full if the session is booked as a non-pre paid coaching session.

*100% Money-Back Guarantee

A 100% money-back guarantee applies to facilitation, coaching and training programs.

The cost of an individual’s coaching program will be refunded in full if the sponsoring key stakeholder or the individual coachee  does not feel the coach has made a positive impact^. Regarding facilitation, team coaching and training programs, the cost of an individual’s training, coaching or facilitation program will be refunded if the organisation deems it has not got the required outcomes for that particular individual^.

^A full refund will be given if the following applies:  the coaching or training was undertaken voluntarily. SCC&D’s invoice was paid within 30 days of date of invoice. The participant and organisation’s key stakeholder(s) invoking the money-back guarantee, agree to provide SCC&D in-depth and constructive feedback as to why they each felt the respective program was not successful and comments on how things might be constructively changed in the future.