Webinar Coaching Culture Leadership – next step to making a difference

Webinar – Coaching Culture Leadership

Improve strategic thinking and enhance the outcome of your everyday conversation

As Coaching Culture Leadership pioneers, we see creating a true Coaching Culture – led by true Coaching Leaders at all levels – as the future of leadership. The best, most engaging future leaders are Coaching Leaders 65-70% of the time. 

Coaching Culture Leadership organisations will lead the pack with the best employee engagement, most effective collaboration, communication and innovation, empowered staff, better succession plans and are solution focused, high performance workplaces. Organisations with a Coaching Leadership Culture will forge ahead of those without and leave others in their dust wondering what happened! Are you ready to make a difference?
Then come along to our Webinar “Coaching Culture Leadership”!

What you will get out of this:

  • New insights in the latest brain-based science
  • How to maximise thinking for more productiveness
  • Link of new insights with the everyday conversation – keep it simple!
  • Understanding of how a human being precieves information
  • How to manage different communication filters & personalities

Cost: $65 – $25 for Prize Drawing Participants!
Date: 16th January 2018 
Time: 12 pm – 1 pm

Come and join us online with your team! Register here if you and your team want to be on the same page of communication!

The Team at Southern Cross Coaching & Development

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