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Happy New Year by the Gregorian Calendar and Dionysian or Common Era! Wishing you health and happiness for the year ahead…and beyond, of course! Hard to believe we’re here in 2017 already….

Welcome to our first Hot Links to Learning for 2017!

A holiday break and a new year often lead people to reflect and consider a change for themselves, personally and/or professionally. Reflection is great, intention and vision are fantastic, but action is what it takes to get things done. As stated by Michael Jordan:

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.”


At Southern Cross Coaching & Development we are starting 2017 with a new communication system, providing a new look to our mailings. We hope you enjoy the new visuals, we certainly do!

When another year has passed, we often feel that time seems to go faster and faster, life seems busier and busier, quality down-time seems rarer than ever. In these circumstances it’s even more important to prioritise and manage our time, often simply to maintain sanity, let alone get through the day in an enjoyable and healthy way!

That’s why we thought we’d bring you some interesting articles about Prioritising, Time Management, Brain Breaks, task lists, and the value in prioritising the small and simple things in our lives.

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All our courses are very practical, neuroscience-based, and are all tailored for organisational groups of all levels, from non-management staff to Managers and Leaders to Executives. We even do one-on-one programs for Executives, and also Executives and their EA’s.

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This week’s Hot Links to Learning


Time Management – Taking stock of Your Most Precious Commodity – Jacki Christopher – Time Management Tips & Tricks (click on the image to view the article):

Brain Breaks Boost Productivity – Published by Life Meets Work – Jamie Leick explains how we’re working longer, but that doesn’t mean we’re getting any more done. The article focuses on the importance of brain breaks during the day:

Brain Breaks Boost Productivity

The Truth about Procrastination – And How to Beat It – Marianne Stenger, freelance journalist explains that procrastination tends to be shrugged off as nothing more than a lack of time management skills. However new research suggests that the real problem might be slightly more complicated:

Procrastination – How to beat it

6 Things You May Not Know About The Gregorian Calendar – An interesting article about the history of the Gregorian Calendar , the calendar that our society is based on:

The Gregorian calendar – History


Get Control of Your Time – Tony Robbins – Great and insightful part of a talk show on how to work with your time most effectively:

How to make work-life balance work – In this engaging Ted Talk, Nigel Marsh makes clear that this doesn’t happen by wearing jeans and t-shirt to the office on Fridays, but by realizing thet the “small” things are important:

Nigel Marsh Ted Talk

Time Management – From the TV Series ‘Friends’ – Ross is trying to manage time. This clip just gives us a few good laughs about time management:

We hope this week’s links add to your learning, and provide informative articles to help you to continuously learn and grow!

Here at Southern Cross Coaching & Development we constantly receive and/or see interesting articles, blogs, talks, and information about the different approaches, trends, and news in regards to leadership/personal/professional development and growth that explore the subjects we are all passionate about: Leadership, Personal and Professional Development, Individual Growth, Neuroscience, and Coaching.

We’ve decided to take the time to curate an exciting selection of links to specific articles, books and videos that we know will add value and feed your passion. It saves you time, and like you, we love sharing our passion for these ground-breaking topics.

We are always open to new thinking and we’re keen to learn along with you… So please send anything, links, articles, suggestions for discussion, anything you think will inspire us and our growing community.

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