7 Steps To Creating A Coaching Culture

Meaningful employee engagement relies on having a strong organizational culture that employees feel aligns with their own core values and beliefs. 

Almost any article or guru on culture or engagement will tell you that one of the key pillars in creating the right culture is effective communication. That means 360-degree communication: up and across as well as down the hierarchy. Having an Executive or Senior Leadership Team that actively buys-into and lives & breathes a culture shift is also a key pillar.

While this can be tricky, many organizations over complicate it. They will add layer upon layer of “razzle dazzle” and employee incentives (including  more $$), social activities, etc.

These things may work to create some short-term engagement…however, in the medium to longer term these short term incentives quickly lose their lustre. Once the shine wears off, employees are no more empowered, aligned or motivated to help achieve the organisation’s objectives.

Just the opposite sometimes – they’re usually expecting the next incentive, which generally doesn’t arrive quickly enough.

So what is the answer? How do you create an engaged, empowered, excited workforce? What will it take? How much more money do we need to throw at it?

The solution may be easier (and more cost effective) than you think. Of course, there is no instant magical silver bullet, but you might be surprised to hear there is a ‘medicinal compound’ that is both effective and provides almost instant results in the work place.

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Neuroscience based Leadership

Modern Neuroscience has taught us that understanding how the brain works, and equipping people with the knowledge and skills to engage in brain-based conversations is literally transforming the way we look at leadership development.

This is exciting for a number of reasons. When done correctly, Neuroscience based coaching leadership development programs that create a coaching culture will give your people the “Why”, underpin the “How” and transform the “What” for enhanced performance.

A day-to-day Coaching Leadership style also ticks off at least 8 out of the Gallup Q12 engagement questions – the ‘gold stars’ of engagement.

More to the point, when development starts from the top down, and your leaders are walking the talk, employees will more organically engage, will feel empowered and therefore more confident to make decisions. This means LESS work for your leadership team and a more sustainable culture shift. Sounds good?

If you are interested in finding out more about how to create a coaching culture for your team or organisation, please get in touch.