Neuroscience of Leadership

All our leadership programs are based on the latest practical neuroscience. This gives people a compelling ‘Why’, underpins the ‘How’ and transforms the ‘What’ in almost every aspect of leadership, performance, change and people engagement.

Basing leadership coaching and leadership development training on how our brains actually work means better results in the real world workplace.

This means we’re always on point to fulfil our ongoing mission: “Make the World a Better Place through Better, Neuroscience-based Leadership”. This is purposefully phrased as an instruction as well as a mission and vision! We make leaders evolve faster, stronger & better – grounded on what works in the real-world workplace.

We were early adopters of applying neuroscience to leadership, and through ongoing research we continually evolve our Leadership, Culture Change, Executive Coaching, Change Leadership, Team Development, Critical Thinking and Facilitation programs and continue to lead the field, constantly updating with the latest research and thinking.

We’re pioneers in our field: constantly researching, testing and iterating innovative leadership concepts – but always  practical, grounded and focused on what actually works in the real world. Theory is great, but application on the ground in the real world is what counts.

As well as incorporating the latest neuroscience research (did you know the left-brain/right-brain story has been completely debunked?), our courses also incorporate leading behavioural science, real-world, grounded positive psychology (as opposed to what can be toxic positivity) and in-depth practical experience earned from working with tens of thousands of people since we started in 2006.

We’re always interested in different and forward-looking thinking. Feel free to get in touch to let us know about any new ideas and research you’ve found!

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01 Benchmarks of Quality Leadership

Neuroscience based Leadership Development

Neuroscience-based human leadership: leadership of human beings by human beings – by being human. This neuroscience-based program is an extremely practical and interactive 1-day training program covering a broad spectrum of contemporary, practical, every-day essential elements of quality leadership skills and behaviours.

“Practical and extremely useful. Would have liked these skills earlier in my life.” Participant, NSW Police

The course is aimed at established ‘middle management’ leaders through to aspiring and newly promoted team leaders and managers. We customise it for each group, depending on requirements and experience levels.

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02 Giving and Receiving Feedback & Difficult Conversations

Giving and Receiving Feedback

An increase of productivity on average of 26% across the teams of managers who undertook the program. That was one result when this leadership program was independently internationally benchmarked by CEB/Gartner 9-12 months after we rolled out the program to 351 leaders from C-suite/ Executive Director to new managers across a large NSW government agency – even though the program was compulsory.

The program also came out on par when compared with international specialist leadership programs in the USA, UK, Austalia/New Zealand and South Africa. Using applied Neuroscience and extremely practical communication tools, this popular Giving and Receiving

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03 T.O.A.D.™ Coaching Leadership

T.O.A.D. Coaching Leadership, Southern Cross Coaching

Coaching Leadership is The Future of Leadership. We see it as THE single most effective day-to-day leadership style for performance, empowerment, collaboration, innovation, engagement, and much more.

Our pioneering T.O.A.D. Coaching Leadership model is unique. It is the only Coaching Leadership model that empowers leaders to employ a day-to-day leadership style around 65-70% of the time – which is the key to getting the most out of your people.

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04 Neuroscience-Based Emotional Intelligence

Neuroscience-based Emotional Intelligence. Head and heart jigsaw pieces coming together
Neuroscience-based Emotional Intelligence, Southern Cross Coaching & Development

05 Bespoke Neuroscience-Based Leadership Development Programs

Bespoke neuroscience-based Leadership Development

We can build you a completely bespoke neuroscience-based Leadership Development Program from 1 day, or to spread over 12+ months.

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06 360° Assessments

360° Assessments

Our team is experienced across a wide range of 360-degree Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Strengths, Career, Values and Motives and Personality Assessments. Our most popular 360-degree assessment is the super-practical RocheMartin ECR360, with assesses leaders at all levels all-round 360-degree emotional intelligence

All our assessments are supported by 1-on-1 Executive Coaching. We strongly recommend 360-degree assessments are always supported by Executive Coaching – otherwise people get feedback on their weaknesses and strengths, but often have little idea how to and no support to apply the learning to help them grow.

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07 Managing Up – A key Leadership Skill

Neuroscience-based Leadership

Leading yourself and your team is what most people think of when they talk about leadership. However, one of the most critically important skills that’s so often neglected is Managing Up.

Managing Up is a critical skill, even at a new manager/supervisor level. But as you climb the leadership

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Giving and Receiving Feedback

"As a result of this program, previously chronic under-performers are now performing satisfactorily, managers are happier, and we’re meeting KPIs above and beyond what we were - especially in areas like our performance management appraisal targets. I have managers – happily - doing things like HR plans, which I have been trying to get them to do for 3 years!"

NSW FACS Western Sydney

The Neuroscience of Leadership, Coaching and People Engagement

"Very interesting to know the required behaviours of a leader to lead, influence and motivate others."
"Speaker is very very experienced" "Interesting and relevant"
"Great topic, well presented. Felt like a couple hours content delivered succinctly"
"Excellent speaker and fun presentation" "Interesting topic, engaging speaker"
"Engaging presenter, insightful topic and content. Leadership is a key quality for senior finance roles. Hence highly relevant."
"Excellent presenter and for me completely new material" "very well presented by Simon"
"The topic was really interesting. Lots of food for thought."
"Excellent topic and engaging presenter. Only skimmed the surface and perhaps tried to cover too much in the short time, would be interested to learn more"

Neuroscience of Leadership, Coaching and People Engagement Seminar Moir Group

Coaching Conversations for Managers

"It was a very successful day and the feedback we've received has been nothing but positive."

VP Human Resources, Asia Pacific and Japan, Software AG

Brain-Based Coaching Conversations for Managers

"Thanks so much for the perfect pitch session yesterday. we have never seen such a buzz at the Senior Managers' Conference. People were full of excitement and positive feedback. Please thank your team from us. We can't wait to work with you all more as the Coaching Culture becomes a new way of operating for us."

Program Specialist L&D, NSW Ambulance

Brain-Based Coaching Conversations for Managers

"Recently we have engaged Southern Cross to deliver, Brain-Based Coaching Conversations for Managers to coach them through change implementation and Coping and Resilience to Change. Feedback from participants to date has been excellent and the coaching has brought new knowledge and skills to our teams and organisation. I have consistently found that all participants who participate in Southern Cross coaching sessions leave with plans and tools that can be immediately applied in the workplace and enhance their own work practice and development."

HR Manager, Campbelltown City Council

Neuroscience of Leadership

"This course is great for anyone wanting to be a leader in their field."

Karol Petrovska, Principal Advisor, Ministry of Health

Brain-Based Coaching Conversations for Managers

"Bloody brilliant. All of the team really enjoyed the session and have committed to start executing Monday morning."

Chief Operating Officer Asia Pacific and Japan, Software AG

Neuroscience of Personal Leadership

"Training has provided the necessary tools I will need to effect change. Particularly in managing upwards, feeling heard and influencing direction / work of team."

Sophia Tzavaras, Social Policy Implementations Manager, Ministry of Health

Neuroscience of Personal Leadership

"The course was a practical guide to managing self. I feel more confident about approaching coaching and having conversations with staff. Especially those under me but also with my manager."

Patricia Morton, PPO, Ministry of Health

Neuroscience of Leadership

"Simon is very knowledgeable and an authoritarian on the subject matter – excellent delivery."

Sophie Adlaf, IASA

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