03Brain-Based Coaching Conversations for Leaders

Brain-Based Coaching Conversations

A Coaching Conversations Leadership style is the single most effective day-to-day leadership style for performance, empowerment, autonomy and engagement.

A Coaching Conversations Leadership style is also the best style to make people development conversations part of the every-day norm. It’s especially critical if you wish to reorient your managers from annual performance reviews to ongoing conversations.

Coaching Conversation-Style leaders develop more independent and self-directed employees who take responsibility for their work, and the choices they make within the framework that the leader / organisation sets. Leaders develop a more helping attitude and will steer and direct less, and hence have more time for strategic thinking.

A Coaching Conversations Leadership style is particularly effective for managers leading ‘Millenials’ and ‘Gen Y’ staff, but it’s also highly effective for managers leading human beings of any age!

Our neuroscience-based program delivers practical, day-to-day coaching skills to managers who want to develop a coaching-conversations style of leadership. It creates relationship-driven leaders who listen to, empower, and engage staff through autonomy, human connection, can-do, solution-focused thinking, empathy, and superior communication. It develops advanced team leadership capabilities and enables leaders to better empower their individual team members to take their performance to a new level, as well as improving strategic thinking.

For the very best results we recommend you run it in line with the 70:20:10 principle: as 2 separate day training days 2 months apart, sandwiching a 1-on-1, individual, targeted coaching session in between the training.

However, if there are budget constraints we can deliver an effective 1-day program, or the 2 separated training days without the supporting coaching. The 2 separate training days with the interspersed supporting coaching will of course get you the very best results.

We’ve delivered this program and got great results in leaders and managers at all levels from new managers to the highest level executives.

This course can be delivered as a stand-alone program, or as phase 3 of our Giving and Receiving Feedback Leadership Development program.

Everything is customised to your needs, even each individual group of participants. And of course additional, highly specialist elements can be added. Tell us what you need…you come, we will build it!

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Giving and Receiving Feedback

"As a result of this program, previously chronic under-performers are now performing satisfactorily, managers are happier, and we’re meeting KPIs above and beyond what we were - especially in areas like our performance management appraisal targets. I have managers – happily - doing things like HR plans, which I have been trying to get them to do for 3 years!"

NSW FACS Western Sydney, April 2016

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