01 Job Application and Interview Skills

Job Application and Interview Skills

A very practical, comprehensive training program that gives people everything they need to do their best application, interview, CV and covering letter.  Suitable for Public Sector employees at every level, the program is always customised to provide people with the knowledge, skills and tools to apply for a Public Sector role at every level of government (and is applicable to the Private Sector).

This in-house training program is tailored specifically to the organisation and the appropriate legislation and Capability Framework. For NSW Government it is GSE Act Compliant, and teaches participants about the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework, Focus Capabilities, Targeted Questions, etc.

The program is also adapted to other Governments and Capability Frameworks e.g. the Federal Government ILS (Integrated Leadership System), and Work Level Standards for SES roles; WA Public Sector Management Act and Commissioner’s Instructions and the WA Public Sector Leadership Capability Framework; Local Government Capability Framework, etc

This course will equip people with everything they need know to effectively apply for a Public Sector role. The program is well suited for organisations going through a restructure, advertising new career opportunities, making more roles available, reclassification of roles, helping contractors apply for a permanent/ ongoing position, or if they just want to ensure their employees are up to speed with, say, the GSE Act requirements and/or any relevant Capability Frameworks – whether it be NSW, other State Governments, Federal or even Local Government.

The Job Application & Interview Skills program has been widely presented to over 7,000 Public Sector participants across Australia and metropolitan NSW and covers the full scope of the application and interview process. 99.6% of people say they would recommend the program to others! Program topics include:

  • How to submit an effective application for almost any role/job under the NSW Capability Framework (or another framework)
  • The NSW Government GSE Act 2013 and how it impacts the recruitment process (adapted to other Government legislation as required)
  • Explains the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework (can be customised to any Capability Framework e.g., Local/ Federal/ other State Government)
  • Principles of Merit selection process and what it means for your application
  • How to effectively use The STAR Principle to write an application and answer interview questions (examples provided)
  • A practical Capability brainstorming template (soft copy provided)
  • Tools to use when writing an Expression of Interest (EOI) or a limited length application
  • Targeted Questions (for NSW Government) and Covering Letters (examples provided)
  • Practical behavioural interview skills, techniques, and tools to improve interview performance
  • Practical tips to best perform in psychometric assessments
  • Overcoming anxiety and nerves
  • How to make a good first (and last) impression
  • Referees – selecting and getting the best from them
  • How to prepare a Best Practice CV/résumé
  • Includes Best Practice soft-copy Templates for CV and Cover Letters

The program can be tailored to each organisation’s exact needs, and often to each individual group. For NSW Government, our training covers how to use the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework and is fully GSE Act 2013 compliant.

Delivery: This in-house course can be delivered as a Virtual, Hybrid or Face-to-Face program.

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Giving and Receiving Feedback

"As a result of this program, previously chronic under-performers are now performing satisfactorily, managers are happier, and we’re meeting KPIs above and beyond what we were - especially in areas like our performance management appraisal targets. I have managers – happily - doing things like HR plans, which I have been trying to get them to do for 3 years!"

NSW FACS Western Sydney

The Neuroscience of Leadership, Coaching and People Engagement

"Very interesting to know the required behaviours of a leader to lead, influence and motivate others."
"Speaker is very very experienced" "Interesting and relevant"
"Great topic, well presented. Felt like a couple hours content delivered succinctly"
"Excellent speaker and fun presentation" "Interesting topic, engaging speaker"
"Engaging presenter, insightful topic and content. Leadership is a key quality for senior finance roles. Hence highly relevant."
"Excellent presenter and for me completely new material" "very well presented by Simon"
"The topic was really interesting. Lots of food for thought."
"Excellent topic and engaging presenter. Only skimmed the surface and perhaps tried to cover too much in the short time, would be interested to learn more"

Neuroscience of Leadership, Coaching and People Engagement Seminar Moir Group

Time Management and Effective Use of Email

"The Time Management / Outlook training has been the best, most practical training I have ever received. It has totally reduced my feelings of being overwhelmed and has reduced 'email stress' immensely. I can not thank you enough."

Manager, NSW FACS Western Sydney

Giving and Receiving Feedback

"Southern Cross provided a variety of training presenters and facilitators - across a range of age groups, demographics and genders. Southern Cross were tasked with inspiring staff to better engage with an existing performance development plan process. This is evidenced by managers now being well equipped to have productive and challenging conversations with their teams."

Director Strategic Support, NSW FACS SRP

Giving and Receiving Feedback

"The course was received with such success that we want to run 2 additional courses on consecutive days."

HR Manager, Big Fat Smile

Giving and Receiving Feedback

"The trainers are hugely knowledgeable and responsive. The delivery was well structured. Very useful!"

"A practical course providing useful and relevant tools and techniques for our work."

NSW FACS Strategic Reform and Policy

Giving and Receiving Feedback

"Very relevant training for both work and personal life, from engaging, knowledgeable trainers."

Dominique Mitchell, Senior Project Officer, NSW FACS, SE Sydney

Giving and Receiving Feedback

"Kimberley and Kerry are wonderful presenters - they quickly and effectively formed relationships with us and adapted to our context. They were fun and effective and gave us real world insights and tools in feedback and relationship skills. I'd recommend the course to anyone who works with people."

Chris Tulloch, Operations, Big Fat Smile

Giving and Receiving Feedback

"This was a great course for establishing a culture of positive communication in the workplace."

Kate Ashelford, Director, Big Fat Smile

Giving and Receiving Feedback

"Great trainers who know their content and are happy to share their knowledge. I would be happy to recommend SCC&D to anyone."

Julie Sedon, Manager, NSW FACS, Strategic Reform and Policy

Managing for Optimal Performance

"The training was practical and extremely relevant to anyone in a managerial position. I have come away with a useful template to use in managing myself and staff more effectively and productively. Much appreciated."

Sally Ringrose, Manager Transition and Community Program, NSW FACS, Specialist Homelessness Services

Managing for Optimal Performance

"The evaluations for both programs are very positive and people seem to have come away with very practical ideas to implement. We appreciate you taking such good care of our participants. It has been a challenging time for the sector and good to see enthusiasm from them and what they can take back to share it and support their staff."

Ameliaranne Michell, Project Officer Learning and Development, NSW FACS SHS

Time Management and Effective Use of Email

"It was all fantastic. I cannot recall when I had an inbox with so few emails! I took away effective strategies to manage my time better."

Jennifer Walker, Acting Business Support Manager, FACS Southern NSW

Time Management and Effective Use of Email

"Well paced and for once all material was covered in the day, whereas other courses have run out of time. Thank you - this will change my work day considerably for the better."

Stephen Tremble, CPO, FACS Housing, Western Sydney

Coaching Culture Leadership

"A great insight into leadership and coaching which will help establish a great working culture"

Charmaine Tatton, Clinical Services Manager, Ramsay Health Care

Coaching Culture Leadership

"A thought provoking and challenging day. It was wonderful to see my senior management team develop great new skills, ones that if we all utilise, will have a profound impact on our organisation."

Paul McKenna, CEO, Ramsay Health Care

Coaching Culture Leadership

"Surprisingly interesting content that is not rocket science but never the less worthy of daily practice."

Tracey Burnhams, Nurse Unit Manager, Ramsay Health Care

Coaching Culture Leadership – Speaker Engagement – Chairman of CEO Institute Syndicates

I had Simon speak to my syndicates about the whole neuroscience perspective and how it relates to self-development, leadership skill sets and CEO performance. He was an excellent presenter receiving very high evaluations from all participants. His approach was practical and yet introduced members to neuroscience and its usefulness in understanding leadership development and I strongly recommend him to your chairs in the Sydney area. He also addressed the coaching role and the part it can play in personal development and team building. He also engaged with me fully prior to the sessions to make sure he came in at the right level to meet my members needs. I wholeheartedly recommend him to you and to your Chairmen.

Michael Powell, Chairman, CEO Institute Syndicates, Griffith University

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