05Organisational Development Consulting and Planning

Organisational Development Consulting and Planning

Our Organisational Development Consulting and Planning Sessions are fully tailored to the objectives.

These SCC&D’s group sessions are facilitated by an expert Organisational Development Coach (likely based on Six Sigma Black Belt and Design Thinking Methodologies) underpinned by best practice organisational development methodologies. Our Organisational Development facilitator(s) have all consulted and worked in this field, and are all qualified.

After a detailed brief and exploration of the options, we will put together a detailed planning for the day.

What can Organisational Development Consulting and Planning Sessions achieve?

These Facilitation Sessions can be applied to many areas in which a group of leaders/executives need assistance or development. Whether a large organisational change is necessary, or a tweaking of culture, management practices, or the objective is a growth plan, we can assist you. Our consultants facilitate the group of leaders to discuss, innovate, and come up with real time solutions, planning and accountability.

Organisational Development planning sessions can be particularly useful, when organisational development requirements need to be agreed. For example when there needs to be:

  • An agreement on the organisational direction
  • An agreement on a management message
  • An agreement needs to be set on behaviours for a common culture and values
  • An implementation of a common Change Management practice
  • An improvement of performance and development of the team and leadership at all levels
  • A solution for many organisational/business problems, including facilitating key strategy and action plans

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Giving and Receiving Feedback

"As a result of this program, previously chronic under-performers are now performing satisfactorily, managers are happier, and we’re meeting KPIs above and beyond what we were - especially in areas like our performance management appraisal targets. I have managers – happily - doing things like HR plans, which I have been trying to get them to do for 3 years!"

NSW FACS Western Sydney, April 2016

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