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We have deep Public Sector Interview, Career Development and Panel Training expertise across Local, State (NSW and other States) and Federal Government.

We know Government – at all levels. Many of our expert team have worked in the Public Sector and served on recruitment selection panels, or have worked directly for career development/outplacement agencies/ recruitment companies, etc. We’re acknowledged experts. We get results. Our clients continually invite us back.

Our expert team tailors all our in-house programs not just to each specific part of the organisation, but also each individual group.

This includes our super-practical Job Application and Interview Skills training, best-practice training for Recruitment Panel Members, Career Assessment/ Development training, Career Coaching and a range of practical Psychometric Assessments.

We’ve delivered our Job Application and Interview Skills program to thousands of people across the Public Sector, with a consistent average rating of over 91%. It is always in our top 3 most popular programs.

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01 Job Application and Interview Skills

Job Application and Interview Skills

A practical and easy to understand training program that provides employees with the knowledge, skills and tools to apply for a Public Sector role at every level of government.

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02 Assessing and Progressing your Career

Assessing and Progressing your Career

This program helps people work out what the next steps in their career are, what their current skill set is, and to formulate a practical action plan to move forward in their career. It also includes built-in time for self-reflection and internal contemplation. The tools are very practical and have been proven in many different scenarios from non-management

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03 Training for Recruitment Panel Members

Panel Members' Recruitment and Behavioural Interview Skills

Tailored to each Public Sector organisation, this super-practical training program equips Local, State, and Federal Government panel members with the practical skills to competently and confidently do their best job as a panel member. Human-experience orientated and adapted to the NSW (or any other) Capability Framework, it covers the entire

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04 Career Coaching

Career Coaching

Our one on one Career Coaching is always uniquely tailored to each individual depending on specific needs. It is ideal for any individual at any level, who wishes to receive specific, tailored, individual assistance from an expert Career Coach.

Individual career coaching is also invaluable if you need help

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Job Application and Interview Skills

"Probably the best training course I have ever attended in my 15-16 years in NSW Government! Thank you!"

"I found the training fantastic and gives me much more confidence moving forward."

"One of the best courses I’ve attended. Simon related it to everyone’s level, I’d recommend it to anyone."

"The presenter's skills in transferring her in depth knowledge of this subject matter in a playful, focused and engaging manner is outstanding."

Family and Community Services

Job Application and Interview Skills

"The Training de-mystified the new GSE Act for me and gave me confidence in applying for jobs under this act."

"This course is very helpful if you are considering applying for a position in ether the public or private sector."

"Most of it was an eye opener for me, I feel better prepared for interviews and applications that I will face in the near future."

"The best CV/interview course I have attended."

Family and Community Services

Job Application and Interview Skills

"I've had great results as an outcome of attending the Job Application & Interview Skills workshop, I have since applied for 2 roles. I am happy that as a result of this course, I have been successful in the recruitment process and have been offered the position. I feel confident in my application as a result of having attended this course. This course and the trainer were great and I feel that if I did not attend this course, I would not have progressed as far as I did in the recruitment process. The trainer was very knowledgeable and thoroughly detailed all subjects as well as providing great examples and having great answers to all questions asked no matter how difficult."

Job Application and Interview Skills

"Great presenter, well prepared, relevant to organisation and role. Well worth attending. Thank you."

Local Area Manager, NSW Police Force, August 2017

Job Application and Interview Skills

"Very relevant and enjoyable experience. Hits all the bases in NSW Public Sector Recruitment. Thank you Simon and Southern Cross Coaching."

Local Area Manager, NSW Police Force

Individual Career Coaching

"I just wanted to thank you for your guidance you provided. As a result of implementing your strategies, I have progressed to the final stage for one of the roles and awaiting a letter of offer for the other role."

"My confidence and skills have increased and will continue to grow as I continue practising."

Individual Job Application & Interview Skills Coaching

Job Application and Interview Skills

"My knowledge base to prepare for a GSE Act assessment was very poor. I now have a great skill base to prepare and deliver in reference to the focus capabilities."

"The presenter was able to facilitate a workshop that addressed a range of individuals with different anxieties around job applications! The pace was excellent with interactive sessions to reinforce learning."

"I feel like I have so much more insight and knowledge which has given me the confidence and motivation to apply for more challenging job roles in the future."

"Best training I have attended in the 17 years I have worked for Sport and Recreation."

Development Officers, Office of Sport

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