We have deep Public Sector Interview, Career Development and Panel Training expertise across Local, State (NSW and other States) and Federal Government.

This includes our super-practical Job Application and Behavioural Interview Skills training, best-practice training for Recruitment Panel Members, Career Assessment/ Development training, Career Coaching and a range of practical Psychometric Assessments.

Our expert team tailor all our in-house programs not just to each specific part of the organisation, but also each individual group.

We know Government – at all levels. Many of our expert team have worked in the Public Sector and served on recruitment selection panels, or have worked directly for career development/outplacement agencies/ recruitment companies, etc. We’re acknowledged experts. We get results. Our clients continually invite us back.

We’ve delivered our Job Application and Interview Skills program to thousands of people across the Public Sector, with a consistent average rating of over 91%. It is always in our top 3 most popular programs.

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01 Job Application and Interview Skills

Job Application and Interview Skills

A practical and easy to understand Job Application and Interview Skills course that gives you the best possible chance of getting a job in the Public or Private Sectors.

This course has been widely presented to over 5,000 Public Sector participants across country and metropolitan NSW. It includes the following topics:

  • Understanding the Public Sector selection process and what it means for your application
  • NSW Government GSE Act 2013 compliant – explains and works through the post-GSE Act process
  • How to effectively apply for almost any role/job under the NSW Capability Framework. This course can be adapted to any State or Local Government
  • Tools to use when writing an Expression Of Interest or a limited length application
  • Targeted Questions and Covering Letters for NSW Government (examples provided)
  • Highly practical behavioural interview skills to improve interview techniques (Public and Private Sectors)
  • Practical behavioural interview skills, techniques and tools to answer questions
  • Overcoming anxiety and nerves
  • How to make a good first (and lasting!) impression
  • Referees – selecting and getting the best from them
  • Using the Job NSW website and tips on how to tailor your searches
  • How to prepare a Best Practice CV/resume that works (Public and Private Sectors)
  • Developing CV/resumes for Private and Public Sector applications
  • It includes a best practice CV/resume template for all participants
  • All skills are equally applicable to the Private Sector
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02 Assessing and Progressing your Career

Assessing and Progressing your Career

This program helps people work out what are the next steps in their career, what is their current skill set, and to formulate a practical action plan to move forward in their career. It also includes built in time for self-reflection and internal contemplation. The tools are very practical and have been proven in many different scenarios from non-management staff to executives.

This program includes a psychometric assessment to assess participants’ personal Values and Motives (the GeneSys Values and Motives Indicator), as well as the tools to assess their current skills base and to work out their key criteria for what they want in a future role. It also helps them gain insights into what they’re working for, and some of the reasons why. Participants are given a structured framework that can be continued after the course.

This training program will:

  • Help participants assess what they want and need in their current/future career
  • Includes a Values and Motives Indicator psychometric assessment
  • Can also include the Occupational Interest Profile+ assessment, if participants are looking for a whole new career direction
  • Help participants get clear on their technical, transferable and personal skills
  • Identify skills gaps participants may have, and discuss a possible plan to bridge those gaps
  • Get participants working on a pro-active, practical job search plan
  • Help participants set a career goal and take action towards that direction
  • Provide tools and accountability to help participants get into action to achieve their career aspirations
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03 Training for Recruitment Panel Members

Panel Members' Recruitment and Behavioural Interview Skills

Tailored to each Public Sector organisation, this super-practical training program equips Local, State, and Federal Government panel members with the practical skills to competently and confidently do their best job as a panel member. Human-experience orientated and adapted to the NSW (or any other) Capability Framework, it covers the entire process from planning, Merit Selection, team and cultural fit, shortlisting (with a practical exercise), conducting behavioural interviews, rules of evidence, feedback to unsuccessful applicants, report writing and more.

What does this program achieve?

  • Understanding the organisation’s specific Selection Process, including Merit Selection
  • Planning the Selection Process ‒ including values, team and cultural fit
  • Short listing applicants including CV/resume as an application, Targeted Questions and written claims against the Focus and other Capabilities in the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework (NOTE: the program can be adapted to almost any organisation’s Capability Framework)
  • Conducting behavioural interviews in a human-centric way to get the best out of applicants
  • Techniques used to settle nerves, the “do’s and don’t’s” of interviewing, overcoming The Halo Effect
  • Effective reference checking
  • Providing respectful and useful feedback to unsuccessful applicants
  • Evidence for Report Writing
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04 Career Coaching

Career Coaching

One on one Career Coaching is always uniquely tailored to each individual depending on specific needs. It is ideal for any individual at any level, who wishes to receive specific, tailored, individual assistance from an expert Career Coach.

Individual career coaching is also invaluable if you need help with improvement your performance in interviews, or tailoring your resume to apply for a specific role.

Your coach will assist you in getting better results with pretty much anything involved in the Job Application and Interview Skills process. Career Coaching will:

  • Help you with a specific role/ job application or EOI
  • Includes working with the NSW Capability Framework (and other States, Federal and Local Government Frameworks)
  • Help you write your best application for the Public and Private Sector
  • Help you develop and ‘polish up’ of your CV/resume, including tailoring it to a specific role/ job application
  • Help you develop your interview skills and practice for a specific job application
  • Includes tools such as how to overcome nerves, improve self confidence, and making a great first impression
  • Help with career planning and development, next steps, and many other elements of your career
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Job Application and Interview Skills

"Probably the best training course I have ever attended in my 15-16 years in NSW Government! Thank you!"

"I found the training fantastic and gives me much more confidence moving forward."

"One of the best courses I’ve attended. Simon related it to everyone’s level, I’d recommend it to anyone."

"The presenter's skills in transferring her in depth knowledge of this subject matter in a playful, focused and engaging manner is outstanding."

Family and Community Services, February 2017

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