With most organisations going through rapid change, there is even more need for staff and managers to be resilient to change. There is a strong demand for skilled managers who can lead the organisation through the challenges and upheaval of the change processes.

Our Change programs use applied neuroscience to provide staff and managers at all levels in the organisation with scientific, practical, evidence-based strategies to significantly improve their resilience to, and ability to deal with change, as well as to lead people through that change.

Our programs are particularly useful in understanding change and developing capabilities in leading people and leading self through change, plus improved decision making and in better resilience to and acceptance of change. All of which lead to better Change Management outcomes for the people, the organisation, and the clients the organisation serves.

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01Leading, Managing and Resilience to Change

Leading, Managing and Resilience to Change

Change is natural, constant, and inevitable. It can be difficult for managers and their employees to deal with change. Negative effects on engagement and performance are hard to avoid. Managers can feel overwhelmed themselves, and that can be amplified by them also having to deal with angry and emotional employees.

Our neuroscience-based Leading, Managing and Resilience to Change programs give leaders and their people a neuroscience-based understanding of change with proven, practical tools to help get through those difficult times, raise the performance bar, and hugely increase the chances of a successful change implementation.

Results of this course include:

  • An understanding of the neuroscience behind change and why it affects people, and better resilience and coping skills as a result
  • Improved staff and leadership performance during times of change
  • Improved leadership and change management capabilities and skills
  • Demonstrates the organisation’s concern and care for its staff
  • The confidence and practical skills to lead under the pressure of change, even unknown quantities
  • Practical techniques to deal with staff and empathetic listening skills
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02Coping with and Resilience to Change

Assessing and Progressing your Career

This course enables and empowers staff with practical tools and an action plan to cope better with intense change even in unknown situations, and hence enable the organisation to provide as close to an uninterrupted service to clients as can be reasonably possible.

The main aspects of this will be building personal awareness, resilience and coping skills, building positive motivation, self-empowerment and taking action.

Some of the results this training and coaching program has achieved:

  • Staff are much more likely to support and go along with the change rather than resist it
  • Improved staff resilience to change
  • Improved personal leadership skills
  • Improved communications up, down and across the organisation
  • It demonstrates the organisation’s concern and care for its staff
  • It creates a thorough understanding of how change affects people
  • It provides a plethora of practical tools to help cope with change
  • It provides the practical skills and increased confidence to navigate even extreme and unknown
  • Staff are much more ready for change and have the knowledge and practical tools to handle its sometimes adverse effects
  • Fear of change is mitigated before it seriously compromises the effectiveness of the workforce
  • An understanding of the importance of emotional factors upon yourself and others
  • Practical coping skills to take back to the workplace
  • A Positive Action Plan for staff to implement as soon as they leave the training (and during it)
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03Strategising and Leading Change

Strategising and Leading Change (Executives)

The course consists of taking the Executive Team through the Leading, Managing and Resilience To Change program, so that they understand the message and language presented to their managers and staff.

In addition, there will be 1/3 to 1/2 the day of strategic planning with an expert change management consultant facilitating the Executive Team.

These sessions can involve presentation and discussion of insights gained from the managers from their earlier training programs if appropriate, and using this information to help the Executive team with their organisational vision and strategy and action planning.

Optional follow up Supporting Coaching/Facilitation sessions are recommended.

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04Organisational Development Consulting and Planning

Organisational Development Consulting and Planning

Our Organisational Development Consulting and Planning Sessions are fully tailored to the objectives.

These SCC&D’s group sessions are facilitated by an expert Organisational Development Coach (likely based on Six Sigma Black Belt and Design Thinking Methodologies) underpinned by best practice organisational development methodologies. Our Organisational Development facilitator(s) have all consulted and worked in this field, and are all qualified.

After a detailed brief and exploration of the options, we will put together a detailed planning for the day.

What can Organisational Development Consulting and Planning Sessions achieve?

These Facilitation Sessions can be applied to many areas in which a group of leaders/executives need assistance or development. Whether a large organisational change is necessary, or a tweaking of culture, management practices, or the objective is a growth plan, we can assist you. Our consultants facilitate the group of leaders to discuss, innovate, and come up with real time solutions, planning and accountability.

Organisational Development planning sessions can be particularly useful, when organisational development requirements need to be agreed. For example when there needs to be:

  • An agreement on the organisational direction
  • An agreement on a management message
  • An agreement needs to be set on behaviours for a common culture and values
  • An implementation of a common Change Management practice
  • An improvement of performance and development of the team and leadership at all levels
  • A solution for many organisational/business problems, including facilitating key strategy and action plans
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Coping with and Resilience to Change

"Southern Cross provides positive learning based on how we think as an individuals and work as a community. Your learning and teaching should be celebrated."

"Life-changing" and "Enlightening"

"The course content was developed to actively address the issues facing our organisation. This will create a positive and common language for the way forward. Great stuff!"

"I have really benefited from the experience of attending the training courses provided by Southern Cross not only because of the content but the obvious skill and authenticity of their trainers. Their ability to connect with people at all levels was a lesson in and of itself. Thank you."

Campbelltown City Council, March 2017

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