Giving and Receiving Feedback

Using applied Neuroscience and extremely practical tools, this popular Giving and Receiving Feedback Leadership Development program will transform your team’s feedback and leadership practices.

There is an undeniable body of evidence, both research-based and practical experience that says that frequent respectful, positive and constructive feedback and meaningful ongoing conversations lead to happier people and increased engagement.

We know that when  a person clearly understands what’s expected of them, knows what they are doing well and can clearly identify what they need to do to develop and improve (and are given the chance to do that) they will be happier, will perform better and be more productive.

Even the simple act of someone feeling listened to, heard and understood has a massive impact on how they work and how they feel.

This training was benchmarked globally by the highly respected CEB/Gartner. When managers were asked to estimate the impact of the program on their employees’ overall performance, their response was that it improved performance on average by 26% (the survey was done 9-12 months after the training finished – proof that it worked long term!).

Applicable to both Private & Public Sectors. For NSW Governement, this program has been mapped to the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework. Contact us for more information.

This course can be delivered in 1 day, 1,5 days or in 2 day formats, ideally with Executive Coaching support.

 The course content is adapted to each organisation and team depending on each team’s specific needs. Southern Cross Coaching and Development will partner and work hand in hand with the organisation prior to delivery to assess exact requirements. In general, the course covers:

  • Address the previous feedback experiences of participants (successes, fears, impacts)
  • Examine and outline how to create a positive environment for making the feedback process constructive and meaningful
  • Full integration of the organisation’s performance appraisal system into the training if required (some have, some have not done this)
  • Involve the participants to learn through demonstration and role plays written for the specific context of the organisation, where possible.
  • A strong skills focus concentrating on setting expectations, choosing an appropriate setting and getting the preparation right
  • Skills for delivering negative feedback and dealing with defensiveness
  • Skills & techniques for framing and communicating for a positive outcome
  • Participants are given practical accountability tools to use in the workplace
  • Positive “how to…” role-plays as well as those demonstrating “how not to…” based on situations participants are likely to find themselves in
  • Enables participants through experience, discussion and reflection
  • The entire course is geared to practical action to apply in the workplace

The 2nd day will cover:

  • Reflection & discussion re: learning & insights from the previous training & courses
  • Discussion & resolution of individual challenges
  • A short personal, personality type psychometric assessment (DISC), debrief and interactive discussion.
  • New learning re: various personality types & how to vary your personal Giving & Receiving Feedback/ Communications style to communicate more effectively with each personality type
  • Positive “how to…” role-plays as well as those demonstrating “how not to…” based on situations participants are likely to find themselves in.

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