How To Choose The Best Executive Coach For You?

There are over 10,000 coaches in Australia. So, choosing the best Executive Coach for you can be a real challenge. Executive Coaching is a significant investment in time, energy and money, and the right coach will have a huge and positive impact on your future. Getting the wrong coach for you will be an expensive waste of time at best and can be downright disastrous.

At Southern Cross Coaching & Development (SCC&D), we know that choosing a coach is an absolutely critical decision. Therefore we take coach matching very seriously.

We’re proud to say that we’ve never got a coach match wrong since we started in 2006!

We’ve developed our own unique Coach/Coachee Matching Matrix™ to match you with the best coach for you from our experienced team of 29 coaches and consultants. Our Coach/Coachee Matching Matrix™ links you to the coach who has the right professional experience, personal style and values that you need to get the very best results from your coaching.

The Coach/Coachee Matching Matrix™ uses important personality parameters such as Personal Style, Organisational Focus, Operational and People Focus and key areas of Values and Motives. This ensures alignment of the coach and the coachee based on these parameters.

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The Team at Southern Cross Coaching & Development