Coaching Conversations

Successful Leaders adopt a coaching approach

People don’t want to be managed, they want to be inspired, trusted and supported in facilitating new solutions.

It’s well known leaders need to coach their people. It’s proven over and over again it increases people’s accountability, engagement, collaboration, productivity and innovation.

We train leaders to have brief, practical coaching conversations to unlock the potential of talented employees and get better results.

Leaders don’t need to have hours of coaching conversations with their staff – who has time for that? – instead we give leaders the tools to make coaching part of their daily conversations. Our tools are simple, practical, easy to learn and apply, but most of all: effective.

Due to recent scientific discoveries we know why coaching, and asking the right questions, is so much more effective than giving advice and telling people what to do. Our programs are based on this latest Neuroscience and we have been able to construct a valuable framework for more productive and engaging conversations.

We have delivered this program successfully as a standalone workshop, as a keynote at a conference or our full Coaching Culture Leadership Program, which includes support coaching and follow up training.  

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