Effective Recruitment and Behavioural Interview Skills

Overall Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the organisation’s specific Selection Process, including Merit Selection
  • Planning the Selection Process ‒ including values, team and cultural fit
  • Short listing applicants including resume as an application, Targeted Questions and written claims against the Focus and other Capabilities in the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework (NOTE: the program can be adapted to almost any organisation’s Capability Framework)
  • Conducting behavioural interviews
  • Reference checking
  • Providing feedback to unsuccessful applicants
  • Evidence for Report Writing

What the Course Covers

Understanding the specific selection process as appropriate for the organisation (NSW Government)

  • How to use the NSW Capability Framework (or other Capability Framework) in the process
  • How a best practice process works
  • Merit selection overview
  • Best practice checklist before advertising or short-listing
  • Difference between temporary versus ongoing employment and the difference comparative assessments / suitability assessments etc.
  • How to address the Focus Capabilities and the role description

Planning the Selection Process

  • Consideration of team, values, cultural and behavioural fit and how to integrate this into the process
  • How to make it a positive ‘human’ experience for candidates
  • Rules around Panel members (independent,  female/male etc) and identifying conflicts of interest
  • Designing the assessment stage. Including assessment tools (interview, psychometric assessments, work sample, scenarios, role plays etc.) based on the focus capabilities

Short-listing applicants including resume as an application and written answers to the Targeted Questions

  • How to determine if they meet the focus capabilities.
  • What to look for and how to correctly interpret and shortlist from a resume
  • How to shortlist from the answers to the Targeted Questions
  • Anti-discrimination procedures including EEO and disabilities
  • Rules of evidence and results

Conducting Behavioural Interviews

  • How to conduct an effective behavioural interview
  • Rules of evidence
  • How to reduce candidates’ anxiety
  • Making the experience as positive an experience as possible
  • Questions to ask and types of questions to use
  • Questioning technique
  • Questions to avoid (practical, legal and ethical considerations)
  • Prompting – when and how to
  • Clarifying understanding – listening and questioning skills
  • Interviewing candidates – practical activity, practice and feedback
  • First impressions and perceptions: how to avoid the ‘halo effect’ and its counterpart

Reference checking

  • How to do it effectively

Providing feedback to unsuccessful applicants

  • Feedback techniques, respectful communication and not taking it personally

Evidence for Report Writing

  • Completing a strong recommendation report

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