Executive Coaching

“A manager provides solutions to people’s problems. A coaching leader develops people’s thinking to empower people to solve problems for themselves.”
Simon Smith, CEO, Southern Cross Coaching & Development

Executive coaching develops leaders. Great Executive Coaching develops great leaders, great thinking and great engagement.

Each of out team on 35+ Executive Coaches delivers not only ‘great’ Executive Coaching, but also intuitively spans the roles of expert mentor, trusted advisor, external sounding board, non-judgemental support person, accountability specialist and whip-cracker, professional career counsellor – and more – intuitively and seamlessly operating across all these areas.

Our CEO, Simon Smith, hand-picks only the best Executive Coaches to work with SCC&D. Only those with a deep passion for ‘making the world a better place through better leadership™’ and a profound belief in empowering people to fulfill their potential become coaches with SCC&D.

“Simon Says” (we had to get that into this article!) “In addition to deeply expert professional and coaching experience I also prefer to get coaches who themselves have come through a very difficult personal situation. I think it gives them a better understanding of people as human beings and much greater empathy – which from my experience makes them even better coaches.”

Our Executive Coaching is renowned for getting results. There are Executive Coaches…. and then there are Southern Cross Executive Coaches! Expect – and get – the best.

“The coaching has turned it around absolutely! I never like to have to performance manage staff, and I don;t need to now, it’s been great. It’s achieved everything we wishes for.” Director, after a Manager completed SCC&D’s Executive Coaching


ROI on Exec Coaching_Dogbert

“I’ve never come across this process before – it’s excellent, it gets results and makes such a difference.”
Executive Director & Key Stakeholder driving the coaching, remark made at the final Coaching Wrap Up Meeting.

Our clients tell us that these 8 facets make our Executive Coaching some of the best:

1. Using our own innovative and unique Coach/Coachee Matching Matrix™ (patent pending) we’ve never got a coach match wrong since we started in 2006.

2. A growing team of 35+ highly experienced Executive Coaches, who are all qualified coaches and experts in their field with practical industry experience. Coaches include an ex-Reserve Bank of Australia member, HR/OD/L+D Directors, GMs and Managers, a Dr of Psychology and an Organisational Psychologist, Six Sigma Black Belt/LEAN qualified people, qualified mediators etc.

3. We have an innovative pre-and post coaching process which is proven to get results.

4. Our pre-coaching process defines the Objectives and clear Measures of Success before the Executive Coaching starts. These are defined and agreed in writing in our Executive Coaching Outline.

5. A check-point early in the Executive Coaching to assess if the coachee is ‘coachable’. If not, the coaching ceases and the organisation is charged only for the initial coaching sessions. This process guarantees a low risk for the organisation – especially important in these times where budgets are often limited.

6. Our Coaching Wrap-up Meeting ensures results and ROI are clear to see. On completion of the coaching we get the coachee and organisational stakeholders together to compare the final results of the coaching with the original objectives and measures of success, so everything is transparent and the ROI and results are easy to see.

7. Our Executive Coaching programs are always completely bespoke and tailored to the organisation’s and coachee’s specific needs.

8. All SCC&D’s coaches operate as much more than just an Executive Coach. They’re chosen for their ability to operate as a coach, mentor, trusted advisor, ‘whip-cracker’, external sounding board, non-judgemental support person, accountability specialist, professional career counsellor – and more – switching seamlessly between these areas of expertise as required.

SCC&D has successfully delivered tens of thousands of hours of neuroscience and whole-brain-based bespoke Executive Coaching from C-suite Executives to new and aspiring managers, across both the Private & Public Sectors. Private Sector clients include ASX and large global conglomerates to large private companies and not-for-profits; our Public Sector expertise spans State, Federal and Local Government.

“Tell someone to do it and you’ll probably get it done. Coach someone to do it and you’ll have someone empowered and engaged getting it done…and getting it done better next time…without being told.”
Simon Smith, CEO, Southern Cross Coaching & Development

“I am very happy with the coaching I received from my coach at Southern Cross Coaching. It gave me a practical and constructive way forward to rethink and address difficult work situations, greater ability to have difficult conversations. I always felt that my coach, while challenging my thinking, had my best interests at heart. I have greater comfort in embracing my leadership role, and clarity around career directions.”
Testimonial, former Coachee

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