Hot Links to Learning – Employee Engagement

Here at Southern Cross Coaching & Development we’re constantly being asked to recommend interesting articles, blogs and talks which explore the subjects we are all passionate about: leadership, personal and professional development, individual growth, and neuroscience.

To meet these increasing requests and to save you time sifting through the haystack for a few needles, we’ve decided to take the time to curate a selection of links to specific articles, books and videos that we know will add value and feed your passion. We’ll take the time so you don’t have to.

This weeks’ Hot Links are about Employee Engagement. It’s always a hot topic, and we brainstormed the subject in our recent Round Table Discussion series. The articles below reflect some of the outcomes of the brainstorm sessions that took place and we thought it might be good to share those with you.

This Week’s Hot Links to Learning – Employee Engagement



Please enjoy those and drop us a note with your thoughts if you like!

Like you, we have a passion for continuous learning around topics such as employee engagement, cutting edge neuroscience of leadership, giving & receiving feedback, and many other subjects related to professional and personal development.

We are always open to new thinking and we’re keen to learn along with you… so please send anything, links, articles, suggestions for discussion, all things  you know will inspire us and our growing community. We’re also interested in your feedback or discussions on the links shared.

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