Hot Links to Learning – Neuroscience

This weeks’ theme is neuroscience, and its application to coaching styles, HR practice, and social intelligence. The article that challenges the ‘left or right brained personality’ concept might cause a bit of a stir – let us know your thoughts!

We’ve also included the well known short video of Jill Bolte Taylor’s story on her experience of having a stroke, and – being a neurosurgeon – her ability to analyse exactly what happened to her – an incredible story, also available as a book if you’re interested. Enjoy!

This week’s Hot Links to Neuroscience



Here at Southern Cross Coaching & Development we’re constantly being asked to recommend interesting articles, blogs and talks which explore the subjects we are all passionate about: leadership, personal & professional development, individual growth, neuroscience, and coaching.

To meet this growing requirement and to save you time sifting through the haystack for a few needles, we’ve decided to take the time to curate an exciting selection of links to specific articles, books and videos that we know will add value and feed your passion.

We’ll take the time so you don’t have to:-).

Like you, we love sharing our passion for these ground-breaking topics; we are always open to new thinking and we’re keen to learn along with you… so please send anything, links, articles, suggestions for discussion, anything you think will inspire us and our growing community.

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