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We’d love to share with you some knowledge about Team Building, and the importance of it in regards to team performance and engagement in the workplace.

Team Building is about getting teams to work, communicate and perform consistently better together. Team building events will help implement more structural management planning, and the development of responsibility and accountability within the team. The team will learn to work together more effectively, which will increase the team performance overall.

 “None of us is as smart as all of us.”
Ken Blanchard

Here at Southern Cross Coaching & Development we get very inspired when organizing our fun team building program, which is based on app-based games and challenges. It is fun to organize and experience, and to hear about the impact and positive outcomes that happen in the workplace after our Social Scavenger Program.

To give you an idea of why team building is important we’re sharing a few short but powerful videos with you this week, as well as several articles with more background ideas.

If your team needs a boost and also a fun day out, be sure to contact us for more information. We’re more than happy to help and look forward to assisting you put together a fun and effective program!

This week’s Hot Links to Learning


Importance of Team Building Activities – An interesting online article that captures some good points on why Team Building is important.

Recipe for Successful Team Building – A short but clear article with 10 tips on how to build a great team!

15 Quotes to Inspire Great Team Building – A short article with powerful Quotes.

Videos (click images to watch the videos)

Video clip about ant-teamwork (short & funny!)

Engaging video about team work (6 minutes)

Short inspirational clip about how teamwork works!

We hope this week’s links add to your learning, and provide informative articles to help you to continuously learn and grow!

Here at Southern Cross Coaching & Development we constantly receive and see interesting articles, blogs, talks, and information about the different approaches, trends, and news in regards to leadership/personal/professional development and growth that explore the subjects we are all passionate about: Leadership, Personal and Professional Development, Individual Growth, Neuroscience, and Coaching.

We love sharing our passion for these ground-breaking topics, which is why we’ve collated a selection of links to specific articles, books and videos that we know will add value and feed your passion.

We are always open to new thinking and we’re keen to learn along with you… so please send anything, links, articles, suggestions for discussion, anything you think will inspire us and our growing community.

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