Job Application & Interview Skills – Sell Your Uniqueness

A program to prepare yourself for the showdown of selling your uniqueness. 

Learn practical and simple techniques to win your counterpart over with your qualities, presence and confidence: On paper and in real life!

This course is customised for each particular organisation & tailored to every group wherever possible. For job starters AND executives who are looking for a new challenge or more clarity on their crossroads.

What you will learn:

  • Understanding Public (& Private) Sector application selection processes & what they mean for your application
  • How to effectively apply for almost any role/job. Includes:
    * How to apply under the NSW Capability Framework (can be adapted to any State or Local Government).
    * Covers applying for a job in the Private Sector & is applicable to most application methodologies
    * Tools to use when writing an Expression Of Interest and/or limited length/word count application
  • Deeply practical Interview skills to improve interview techniques (Public & Private Sectors)
    * Practical behavioural interview skills, techniques & tools to answer questions
    * Overcoming anxiety & nerves, making a good first impression, what to wear, etc
  • How to prepare a Best Practice CV/résumé that works (Public & Private Sectors)
    * Includes developing CVs for Private & Public Sector applications
    * Includes a soft copy best practice CV template for all participants
  • Targeted Questions & Covering Letters for NSW Government (examples provided)
  • NSW Government GSE Act 2013 compliant – explains & works through the post-GSE Act process
  • Referees – selecting & getting the best from them

All skills are equally applicable to the Private Sector. 

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