Leadership Coaching Support Line

Confidential, individual coaching support for leaders and managers at all levels: new managers to seasoned CEOs.

Leadership & management were already becoming increasingly complex. However, in today’s super-challenging situations – post bushfires, COVID 19, floods and drought to boot – complex has gone to a completely new level!

To be of service in these unprecedented times, SCC&D offers an innovative, confidential Leadership & Management Coaching Support Line to give leaders and managers everywhere a supporting lifeline to deal with their leadership challenges. 

How does it work? 

We’ve set up an ad-hoc, on-demand Coaching & Support service for leaders, providing access to an experienced Executive/Leadership Coach who will support you. Confidential. Safe. There are NO stupid questions!

  • Leaders can book in a 1-hour phone coaching session with an expert Executive Coach 
  • Alternatively, we can place an Executive Coach ‘on site’ (virtually or F2F – whichever option you prefer) at your organisation, and people can book in to specific time slots that suit them.

Through our network of 35+ experienced coaches and consultants, leaders and managers at ANY level (from new and junior managers to seasoned CEO’s) can call and speak to a widely and deeply experienced Leadership Coach and receive expert, on-the-fly, non-judgemental leadership & management advice, guidance, counsel, support and reassurance.

Your coach can also be a sounding board, cheerleader and/or accountability partner – whatever leaders and managers need support and help with. Many of our expert coaches are also counsellors and psychologists, so if we know you need more personal support, we can get the right mix of skills to assist.

How do I book?

Please phone us on +61 2 7901 5618 or email us directly on [email protected].

Your Team at Southern Cross Coaching & Development