Neuroscience-based Change Resilience & Leading Change capability

“The pace of change has never been this fast, yet it will never be this slow again.”
Justin Trudeau

With most organisations going through rapid and often constant Change, the need for Resilience to Change and Leading Change capabilities in staff and management is critical.

Having managers with broader, deeper, better and more contemporary Leading Change capability is increasingly a core capability requirement, not a ‘nice to have’.

Managers are increasingly squeezed as the filling in the sandwich between the executives’ pressures to deliver change and staff demands for more empathetic and human change leadership.

Staff want more empowerment, more human leadership and engagement, better support, deeper understanding as they navigate what feel like the rocky reefs of change, often feeling battered by the constant crashing waves of the myriad of ongoing change.

Executives are demanding better performance in shorter timescales, with less resources. 

Our neuroscience-based Leading, Managing and Resilience to Change programs give leaders and their people a neuroscience-based understanding of change with proven, practical tools to help get through those difficult times, raise the performance bar, and hugely increase the chances of a successful change implementation.

“Southern Cross Coaching & Development provides positive learning based on how we think as individuals and work as a community. Your learning and teaching should be celebrated!”  
HR Business Partner

Some of the Outcomes of our Leading Change programs include:

  • Understanding and practical application of the neuroscience behind change, why change affects people, and how to build better resilience and coping skills as a result
  • Practical techniques to support self and others through Change
  • Understand & apply neuroscience-based Social Motivators to better support staff as individuals
  • Increased staff engagement, performance and change capability
  • Better practical leadership performance during change (and in day-to-day operations)
  • Improved leadership and change management capabilities and skills
  • Increased Emotional Intelligence is a systemic by-product from the program
  • Demonstrates the organisation’s concern and care for its staff and leaders – people feel more valued and are more engaged as a result
  • Increased confidence and practical skills to lead under the pressure of change, even unknown quantities
  • Improved communications up, down and across the organisation

“A very useful course which provided great practical tools to not only manage my team through workplace change but also my own thoughts and feelings”
Senior Manager, Campbelltown City Council

Our Coping with and Resilience to Change  program enables and empowers staff with practical tools and an action plan to cope better with intense change even in unknown situations, and hence enable the organisation to provide as close to an uninterrupted service to clients as can be reasonably possible.

The main aspects of this will be building personal awareness, resilience and coping skills, building positive motivation, self-empowerment and taking action.

“This was a well presented course with very practical, relevant and useful tools that I will be able to use in my day to day work. Not only for myself, but also to support others in my team”

Some of the results this training and coaching program has achieved:

  • A Positive Action Plan for staff to implement as soon as they leave the training (and during it)
  • Increased staff engagement, performance and change capability
  • Staff are much more likely to support and go along with the change and be more productive and engaged rather than resist change
  • Improved staff resilience to change and personal resilience in general
  • Improved personal leadership skills
  • Improved communications up, down and across the organisation
  • Demonstrates the organisation’s concern and care for its staff
  • Creates a thorough, practical neuroscience-based understanding of how change affects people
  • Provides a plethora of practical tools to help cope with change
  • It provides the practical skills and increased confidence to navigate even extreme and unknown
  • Staff are much more ready for change and have the knowledge and practical tools to handle its sometimes adverse effects
  • Fear of change is mitigated before it seriously compromises the effectiveness of the workforce
  • An understanding of the importance of emotional factors upon yourself and others
  • Practical coping skills to take back to the workplace
  • Understand & apply neuroscience-based Social Motivators to better support staff as individuals

“The course was very informative, gave me good skills for coping with change in all areas of my life. I would recommend this course and presenter to anyone, great content, gave me great coping skills.”

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