04 Neuroscience-based Emotional Intelligence

Neuroscience-based Emotional Intelligence

Our Emotional Intelligence programs are underpinned by practical neuroscience, which not only gives people ‘the why’, but it also gives evidence-based strategies to improve ‘the how’. We combine the latest research and thinking with our deep experience to bring you Emotional Intelligence programs that get results.

Can Emotional Intelligence be learned? Yes, if people want to learn it, of course. We’ve transformed the Emotional Intelligence of leaders at all levels, including non-management staff and new managers, through to senior Executives. Our customisable programs include different levels of group training; group, peer and individual coaching programs and Emotional Intelligence 360° and individual assessments. One-on-one Executive Coaching combined with our EQ 360° assessment tool is often recommended for senior leaders.

Everything is customised to your needs, even each individual group of participants. And of course additional, highly specialist elements can be added. Tell us what you need…you come, we will build it!

Emotional Intelligence is now a critical leadership capability at all levels. The most effective and respected leaders in this ultra-competitive world have high levels of Emotional Intelligence, it’s a must for today’s successful leaders. A lack of it can quickly curtail a promising career, increase staff turnover and reduce productivity.

Your staff are your business. Take the people away and all you have is an empty office with a sign on the door/window. There is ample research indicating a robust correlation between high levels of Emotional Intelligence and improved performance and productivity.

Our neuroscience-based Emotional Intelligence programs are carefully designed to change on-the-ground behaviours in the workplace (and out of it!) to boost performance and fuel productivity as a result. And make for happier staff and leaders, in and out of the workplace.

Not only does Emotional Intelligence impact on your staff, it also impacts on your clients. Emotional Intelligence is critical to anyone in a client/customer service environment.

Our brain-based Emotional Intelligence (EQ) programs provide staff, managers and executives with practical tools to improve their EQ and their capabilities in leading and managing, as well as their understanding around themselves, their teams, decision making and improved resilience, to name a few.

Our take on Emotional Intelligence is that it’s all about the way you relate to, react and respond to, and the impact you have on others – from a completely holistic, 360-degree perspective. Whether you are a leader, peer, or a staff member, in an internal or external client-facing role, we build Emotional Intelligence to improve the practical ways people interact to create better teamwork and respectful, harmonious, happier, and more engaging relationships with staff, colleagues, management and clients alike. And hence boost productivity and fuel performance.

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Giving and Receiving Feedback

"As a result of this program, previously chronic under-performers are now performing satisfactorily, managers are happier, and we’re meeting KPIs above and beyond what we were - especially in areas like our performance management appraisal targets. I have managers – happily - doing things like HR plans, which I have been trying to get them to do for 3 years!"

NSW FACS Western Sydney, April 2016

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