Serving Queen Elizabeth II as a leader

One of the proudest and most humbling occasions in my life was, aged 18, receiving the Queen’s Commission from Queen Elizabeth II.

It was humbling because I pledged my allegiance to my Queen and Country and put my life on the line in my Queen’s name – not the government of the time’s name, in my Queen’s name.

I, and many of my military friends used to refer to Queen Elizabeth as “The Boss”, or more affectionately, “Aunty Betty” 😊

In those days, Her Majesty personally signed all Officers’ Commissioning scrolls (top left corner), and although I am ‘retired’ from the British Royal Air Force, I am honoured to still hold my Queen’s Commission.

Serving my Queen went far deeper than duty. I had, and will always have a profound, reverential respect and deep love for Queen Elizabeth II as a leader – a selfless leader whose sole purpose was to serve her people, country, and the Commonwealth. A purpose she fulfilled literally until her dying day.

I sit here writing this with tears in my eyes, very deeply affected by her passing. My Queen may have died, but the reverence, respect and love I have for her will live on. I raise a glass in one last Loyal Toast: “The Queen”.

Rest in Peace, my Queen.


Flt Lt Simon Smith RAF (Ret’d)

CEO and Founder
Southern Cross Coaching & Development