Simon Smith – Speaker, Chairperson, Panel Moderator

Speaker, Chairperson, Panel Moderator

Simon is a stimulating, passionate and engaging speaker who demystifies brain science for business leaders with his very ‘down to earth’, ‘no BS’ style.

Simon’s keynotes and webinars are colourful, humorous and full of practical professional and personal examples and case studies, as well as practical takeaways people can apply immediately. He has engaged audiences of up to 600+ people nationally and internationally.

Specialising in keynotes & workshops around Coaching Culture Leadership, The Future of Leadership, The Neuroscience of Leadership, The Neuroscience of Coaching & People Engagement and The Neuroscience of Change, Simon is also a recognised authority on many associated topics including: Neuroscience of Emotional Intelligence,  Coaching Conversations – The Future of Brain-based Leadership, Giving & Receiving Feedback, Change Resilience, etc. 

Simon provides researched scientific, relevant and often challenging insights into how the brain works and how this awareness can translate directly into the business context with practical action and application. You will not only have lots of food for thought, you’ll also have plenty of fuel for action!

Awarded Coach of the Year by the International Coach Federation (ICF) Australia in 2013, as well as Owner/Manager of the Year NSW State Finalist in both 2015 & 2014 in the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) Excellence Awards, Simon has the personal & professional  ‘street-cred’ to garner respect. Not to mention consecutive finalist awards for Excellence in Business Ethics in 2013 – 2016 for Southern Cross Coaching & Development from the NSW Business Chamber (note: we didn’t suddenly stop being ethical after 2016, the Chamber stopped the award category!!).

Simon has over 30 years of practical leadership experience. He founded his company, Southern Cross Coaching & Development in 2006 with the vision: to make the world a better place through better leadership. With an impressive portfolio of clients spanning the Private & Public Sectors, Simon has great insight into practical leadership across a vast array of disciplines.

Previous corporate experience includes national roles in HR Consulting, Executive Coaching, Business Development, recruitment and outplacement companies in the UK and Australia. He also spent 10 years as a Commissioned Officer in the British Royal Air Force controlling air-defence fighter aircraft, including operational tours in various theatres including anti-heroin trafficking operations in Central America.

Personally, Simon is particularly passionate about mental health, having himself recovered from suicidal depression in 2002/3. He is also a keen SCUBA diver and loves camping and The Great Outdoors in general.

Recent engagements include:

  • The Future of Leadership
    • CEO Institute, Sydney
  • The Future of Leadership
    • CEO Institute, Brisbane
  • The Neuroscience of Emotional Intelligence:
    • National webinar, 100+ delegates, IML (formerly AIM)
  • The Neuroscience of Leadership, Coaching & People Engagement
    • Keynote to 100+ Finance executives, Sydney
  • Neuroscience of Change
    • Keynote to 77 managers & executives, Sydney
  • The Neuroscience of Leadership & Engagement, Women Leaders in Public Sector
    • Chairperson, Speaker, Moderator, Workshop Facilitator, various cities across Australia
  • Neuroscience-based Emotional Intelligence/Relationships
    • NSW Health, Internal Audit Conference, Sydney
  • Neuroscience Sheds Light: Building a Coaching Conversations Leadership Culture to improve Employee Engagement and Communication
    • Chairperson, Speaker, Moderator & Workshop facilitator, Employee Engagement Australia, Melbourne
  • The Neuroscience of Leadership, Customer Service & Better Business
    • TEL Talk AIM, Sydney
  • Applying neuroscience for innovative and effective leadership across IT infrastructure
    • IT Infrastructure Conference, Melbourne
  • Chairperson, National HR Summit
    • 200+ HR executives, Sydney (Luna Park)
  • Successful Change Management Through Visionary Leadership
    • Zenith Visionary Leadership Conference, Kuala Lumpur. 200+ executive delegates
    • Chairperson, Speaker, Panel Moderator, Workshop Facilitator
  • The Gold Symposium, Sydney (Luna Park)
    • Chairperson, MC, Panel Moderator

What others had to say:

  • Speaker is very, very experienced
  • Did not want this session to end!
  • I truly believe your thoughts, ideas and teaching will be implanted in the minds of many corporate leaders.
  • Hard to improve on (near) perfection!
  • Excellent, thought provoking, interactive and lots of great content
  • Great topic, well presented. Felt like a couple hours content delivered succinctly
  • Interesting and relevant
  • Through you, I believe we have helped many corporate leaders and organisations to improve to the next level.
  • Excellent speaker and fun presentation
  • Many have commented on the outstanding delivery of your session, the charisma and on the method of delivery.
  • Engaging presenter, insightful topic and content. Leadership is a key quality for senior finance roles. Hence highly relevant.
  • Interesting topic, engaging speaker
  • Excellent presenter and for me completely new material
  • The topic was really interesting. Lots of food for thought.
  • Excellent topic and engaging presenter. Only skimmed the surface and perhaps tried to cover too much in the short time, would be interested to learn more
  • Very interesting to know the required behaviours of a leader to lead, influence and motivate others
  •  Well-constructed, delivered talk with useful take-aways
  • GREAT! Just too much content for 45 minutes, could have listened longer
  • Not long enough! Excellent