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Leading and managing others through change

Build staff Resilience to Change using practical applied neuroscience and other evidence based research. Empower and equip people with everyday practical tools and an action plan

Coping with and Resilience to Change

This course enables and empowers staff with practical tools and an action plan to cope better with intense change.

CEO Institute Conference, Sydney 2019- Simon Smith: The Future of Leadership

Simon will discuss evidenced based, neuroscience-supported, techniques which will define the future of leadership.

Job Application and Interview Skills

A practical and easy to understand Job Application and Interview Skills course that gives you the best possible chance of getting a job in the

Change Resilience Program – Staff, Management and Executives

The human brain is generally wired to be wary of change. It’s a survival instinct. We usually adapt to change because we have to, not because

Hot Links to Learning – Change Management

What do change, death and dodgy politicians have in common? You can guarantee they’re going to happen! Whether we like it or not, Change is

NSW Government – Free Neuroscience of Change and Leadership Forum – 12th July 2016

In a series of forums we aim to bring together a group of HR, People and Culture, L&D, OD & Talent Leaders from the NSW

Top Tips for Coping with and Managing Change

How much change have you experienced in the past year? How much are you likely to experience in the next year? As Brian (in Monty