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Leading and managing others through change

Build staff Resilience to Change using practical applied neuroscience and other evidence based research. Empower and equip people with everyday practical tools and an action plan

Coping with and Resilience to Change

This course enables and empowers staff with practical tools and an action plan to cope better with intense change.

CEO Institute Conference, Sydney 2019- Simon Smith: The Future of Leadership

Simon will discuss evidenced based, neuroscience-supported, techniques which will define the future of leadership.

Team Building Event – Social Scavenger

A team building day (or 1/2 day), using our innovative Social Scavenger Smart-phone based app, engages the team as they complete a series of short,

Effective Recruitment and Behavioural Interview Skills

Effective Recruitment and Behavioural Interview Skills is a program designed to help employers get in control of their workforce by developing a knowledge base of

Hot Links To Learning – Team Building

We’d love to share with you some knowledge about Team Building, and the importance of it in regards to team performance and engagement in the workplace. Team Building

Hot Links To Learning – Cultural Diversity

Happy Waitangi Day, Thaipoosam Cavadee, and Independance Day! In this week’s Hot Links To Learning we chose to share some snippets of celebrations as they

Simon Sinek LIVE in Australia | Sydney available only – Special rates!

Southern Cross Coaching is a proud supporter of the “Start with Why” Leadership Forum in Sydney and Melbourne in March 2017. As a priority, we wanted to

Complimentary – Round Table Discussion Managing Up PUBLIC Sector – 14 FEBRUARY 2017

Our popular Round Table Discussion series continues into 2017! In the first discussion of this year, we’ll explore thinking and ideas around Managing Up, i.e.

Merry Christmas from Southern Cross Coaching & Development!

Thank you for your support this year, and for being part of the Southern Cross Coaching & Development Community. We look forward to working with