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Coaching Culture Leadership

This is a pioneering, practical, neuroscience-based, highly interactive 1-day Coaching Conversations training program to develop Coaching Conversations skills for leaders. The main objectives of the

Coaching Culture Leadership

As Coaching Culture Leadership pioneers, we see creating a true Coaching Culture – led by true Coaching Leaders at all levels – as the future

Hot Links to Learning – Neuroscience – 27 Oct 2016

  This weeks’ theme is neuroscience, and its application to coaching styles, HR practice, and social intelligence. The article that challenges the “left or right

Hot Links to Learning – Employee Engagement – 20 Oct 2016

  Here at Southern Cross Coaching & Development we’re constantly being asked to recommend interesting articles, blogs and talks which explore the subjects we are

NSW Government – Free Neuroscience of Change and Leadership Forum – 12th July 2016

In a series of forums we aim to bring together a group of HR, People and Culture, L&D, OD & Talent Leaders from the NSW

Practical Tips To Deal With Difficult People, Lessen Conflict and Reduce complaints

Wherever you go you’re at some stage going to come across conflict and have to deal with difficult people, whether you’re in a customer facing