Team Building that gets results back in the workplace

Ever been on a long drive somewhere and been in the situation where you know you need to stop soon, but when you see the service station sign you or someone in the car says “ah, let’s keep going a bit more and go to the next one, it will be good to get a bit further on before we stop”?

Then shortly after you’ve gone past the exit and it’s too late to stop, one of the kids yells that they need a pee…the fuel gauge suddenly drops and the low fuel light comes on…the driver starts yawning and has to open the window…the second kid shouts their phone battery isn’t charging…somebody feels sick…Google Maps suddenly reports that the service station you thought you could get to is now closed… The previously harmonious atmosphere starts to break down and crisis strikes…The subtle (or not so subtle!) blaming starts… “we should have stopped!” Arguments flare up.

This is what’s happening to many teams at the moment.

Nearly everyone we speak to, at all levels of an organisation, report they’re under extreme pressure to get stuff done; not enough people and an overload of work that somehow is all urgent are common themes we hear universally across the Public, Private, and NFP Sectors.

The natural response from managers and teams in this scenario is “keep going! We’ll get there!” Meetings become super-task focused, with little or no time for the niceties.

People also become very task focused simply trying to keep up and get stuff done. Teams’ status goes to busy; heads go down to pump out the work. Stay at the laptop. Haven’t got time to stop and chat. Just a few more emails. One more phone call…

Without realising it, the conversations and interactions that build team relationships and culture stop happening. Productivity and engagement start to drop as a result – we’re seeing it everywhere.

Clearly there’s a huge need for teams to make time to stop at the service station before the culture in the team ‘car’ becomes a crisis. Early 2024 when people come back from summer breaks is a great time to do this: to plan the journey ahead and set the team up for success. Otherwise nothing changes from 2023 and the car continues to barrel down the freeway, speeding into disengagement and burnout.

Taking time for Team Building & Team Development is a critical factor in building a team’s productivity and resilience.

But getting the right Team Building experience is also important. While simply getting together and having a shared experience is nearly always a good start, many teams these days are looking for something more meaningful than a ‘pizza and bowling get together’ or a ‘let’s go canyoning’ experience.

Our human led, app-based highly engaging and innovative half-day Team Development program (face-to-face) offers not only a fun team building experience in itself, but also delivers real practical learning that teams take back to get results in the workplace.

“We had fun as a team but we learnt lots from it. Normally we do stuff & it’s not fun or we don’t work together, or we don’t get the learning from it, but this was brilliant, it did all of that, it did everything”

Team Member, NSW Government (NSW FACS Western Sydney)

About the Half-day Team Building Program

Our innovative human-led smartphone app-based gaming platform delivers a practical team-building program founded on cutting-edge neuroscience research, as well as real-world human behaviour studies and psychology research.

The session can safely be run indoors in most reasonably-sized every-day training rooms, or we can extend the session outside for a more expansive experience. We’ve run it with everything from National Executive teams to teams of frontline staff, as well as for conferences of 150 people in a slightly adapted format.

Observed by an experienced team coach, teams compete against the clock (and each other if there’s more than one team) in a series of fun, seemingly innocuous games that are specifically designed to engage, stretch, and challenge their thinking and competencies. The team challenges highlight nearly every positive and not-so-positive nuance of team behaviour in a psychologically safe, non-threatening environment.

The team coach then facilitates a team debrief to analyse and unpack the key learnings from the session, and what practical actions the team will take back in the workplace to be a stronger, more effective team.

The team then applies those learnings and actions in a second set of slightly more challenging, but still fun games, again observed by the team coach. The team immediately sees the direct impact of their behaviour change and hence better embeds the learning for when they return to the workplace.


Why choose a Team Building Program with us: 

  • It’s underpinned by practical Neuroscience and behavioural psychology research
  • Can be delivered in a standard training room or outside
  • Provides ROI and proven results when back in the workplace environment
  • Is an interactive, smart-phone based gamification of teambuilding activities
  • Collaborate as a cohesive team or compete against each other in separate teams!
  • Includes two sets of games completed by uploading your tasks, photos, or videos to the app
  • Is observed by a deeply experienced Team Development Coach
  • Can accommodate small teams of 5 up to conference events of 100+ people
  • The challenges are designed to involve and engage every team member and are tailored to every level of ability
  • We adapt the challenges specifically to each team and the environment


Ready to elevate your team’s potential? Contact us now to schedule your immersive Team Development experience! Unleash the power of collaboration and achieve real, impactful results. Let’s make it happen!