06Team Communication and Development

Team Communication and Development

Team members must develop trust, since it is not always automatically present. Accordingly, members must communicate more openly than they normally would in everyday life. There must be honesty on all ends of the team, since withholding the truth could damage the team’s integrity. Team members should always share information and feelings between each other. This allows for total trust between the team members.

Research has found that three or more people working together on a project are much more effective than a single person spending all of his time doing the same thing. However, without communication, the three-plus team members can be as useless as if the project went untouched.

Benefits of good communication
Teams that communicate complete projects in a quicker and more efficient amount of time than others. They also are more accurate in their work than others. Effective communication also allows team members to understand their roles and the roles of everyone else on the team. It gives room for understanding among the team members for what needs to be done.

Consequences of lack of communication
Teams that fail to communicate effectively, wind up wasting time and energy doing busy work and other work that is not required because of a lack of understanding of what needs to be done. The team members possibly misunderstand each other and their personalities. This often leads to conflict within the group and a lack of trust between group members. Team members in groups that fail to communicate effectively, wind up not understanding what could make themselves more efficient, because they fail to get feedback from everyone else in the group.

Recipe for successful communication
Research shows that good communication, mixed with strong organizational support, competence among the group leaders, and clear group objectives, can lead to the highest level of success in teams. Among those factors, good communication has shown to be the most important for success.

Team Communication and Development training will cover:
Practical communication skills to deal with different personality types in the workplace. This includes:

  • An easy to understand individual psychometric personality assessment for each participant
  • How to assess others to understand their personality types
  • How to practically apply the understanding to tailor and adapt your verbal and written communication styles to your manager and key stakeholders to get the best results
  • Role plays and interactive practice to embed the techniques

Best practice general communication skills, techniques and tips. This includes:

  • Active listening
  • Clarification and understanding
  • Questioning techniques
  • A brain-based approach: understanding the brain to get the best outcomes
  • Role plays and interactive practice to embed the techniques

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Giving and Receiving Feedback

"As a result of this program, previously chronic under-performers are now performing satisfactorily, managers are happier, and we’re meeting KPIs above and beyond what we were - especially in areas like our performance management appraisal targets. I have managers – happily - doing things like HR plans, which I have been trying to get them to do for 3 years!"

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