Team Building & Development and Social Scavenger

Team Building & Development. With a Social Scavenger!

An in-house team event to bring out the best (and smartest!) team. Boost trust, expression, bonding, effectiveness, productiveness. 

Experience a fun, engaging and challenging Social Scavenger with your team

This smart-phone app-based Social Scavenger Team Building & Team Development program involves a unique, facilitator-led, highly interactive methodology that tracks and records actions and outcomes to be applied back in the workplace and personal life.

An experienced Team Facilitator/ Team Coach observes the teams undertaking the challenges then run a short debrief after each set of events to discuss what people did well, what they could improve on, and to relate this back to how the learning and insights can be applied back in the workplace.

“We had such a great day.  Such an amazing way to get a new team off the starting blocks.” 
Etienne Gilbert, Program Manager, NBBEN

Challenges during the Team Event 

The challenges are designed incorporating the principles of neuroscience to bring out all of the team’s dynamics and behaviours in a non-threatening, mildly competitive gamified environment (we can make it very competitive if you really want us to!). The challenges are designed to involve and engage every team member and are tailored to every level of ability. We adapt the challenges specifically to the team, and the environment. 

The challenges are completed by uploading a photo or short video before the team moves on to the next challenge. After the event we compile all the photos and videos taken on the day and put together a short montage to send out to the team a week or so after the event. This adds an extra and ongoing bonding aspect for the team back in the workplace.

Set up of the Team Event

It can be run in a normal training room type space, depending on group size and objectives, or we can expand it to encompass a local indoor/outdoor area, or even a local neighbourhood for a really adventurous program! We find most clients use it in an in-house, internal environment.

We’ve often run this as a ½ day event as a fun but highly practical and useful team bonding event leading into an afternoon of team coaching, general team development, intensive strategic facilitation or team planning etc., as it brings out a lot of learning and brings the team together.

Of course, it can also be a stand-alone ½ day to improve general team performance, develop and improve trust, or simply for great team bonding and a bit of fun and relaxation!

Tailored Team Event to meet your organisation’s needs and expectations

All of our team building, team coaching and facilitation assignments are always specifically tailored to the organisation’s express requirements, and we like a little bit of a challenge! We can deliver a variety of options depending on the outcomes required and professional needs and levels of participants, and can customise and design programs to a client’s requirements.

“Best team building day I’ve ever done – and I’ve done a few of these in the 20 or so years we’ve been doing them, I can tell you!” 
Manager & Team Member, NSW Government

“A fun and creative way to gain valuable insight into what really happens in your workplace, on a much deeper level.”
Lena, Youth Worker, NBBEN

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