Thank you – Happy Holidays, Christmas & [Gregorian] New Year!

Whatever faith you may follow or whatever festival you are celebrating, be it Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hannukah or simply none at all, and you’re just looking forward to the holidays, from all of us at Southern Cross Coaching & Development, we wish you a very well-deserved break!

Also, a huge thank you from us to all of our community, especially our clients and people we’ve worked with us over the year, for your trust and valued partnerships. We very much appreciate you.😊

What keeps us going, no matter how tough things get, is our mission to “Make the World a Better Place Through Better, Neuroscience-based Leadership”. We hope we’ve made you and your people’s worlds a little better in 2022 and hope the holidays and [Gregorian] New Year bring you health, happiness, opportunity and successes (and avoiding double demerits if you’re driving – don’t even get us started on that 🤦‍♂️!!).

A very fitting quote from one of our CEO’s favourite films, The Blues Brothers: “Please remember people that no matter who you are and what you do to live, thrive and survive, there are still some things that make us all the same. You, me, them, everybody. Everybody!”

So, wherever you are and whatever you do, we wish you health & happiness, love & respect. Take care, stay well – and have fun!

We look forward to working with you in 2023.