Time Management

Time Management and Effective Use of Email

This course is different! Trainers take participants through the theory, then on the same day go with participants back to their desks, and assist them in an IT room as they go to make sure they actually implement the practical information that they are being taught right there and then.

“The Outlook training has been the best, most practical training I have ever received. It has totally reduced my feelings of being overwhelmed and has reduced “email stress” immensely. I can not thank you enough.” Manager, NSW FACS

This Time Management and Effective use of Email training course imparts best practice time management principles: immediately useable, very practical tools, tips, methods, and frameworks that actually work in the real world, with amazing short cuts and tips to use Outlook to its best practical advantage.

As a result of this course, staff will miss less deadlines, stress less, get more done and get back up to 1 hour+ per day to spend on the important tasks (or go home earlier!), and get their inboxes down to ZERO unread emails!

This training doesn’t just focus on emails, it also shows people practical best-practice time management principles, and applies them to the real world, using Outlook as a tool to facilitate real change.

Who can benefit?

This is for you and your team, if you and/or your staff:

  • Feel stressed and overwhelmed by your workload and to-do list
  • Would like to learn how to get your inbox to ZERO unread emails
  • Would like to gain an hour back per day
  • Work long hours? Or wondering where your day goes and what you did
  • Miss deadlines, or are often doing things last minute
  • Are frustrated at the lack of productivity
  • Are feeling like emails always seem to take over? Hard to make time for you and your family
  • Feel constantly reactive, and find it hard to find time for important projects and proactive work

“I have learnt so much from this course and feel so much more organised. The two facilitators were interesting and engaging, and I feel like I can breathe.”Participant, Housing NSW

Program Outcomes:

  • Increased productivity through being more efficient and effective (do more with less)
  • Staff stress less – less likelihood of burnout and absence from work
  • Deadlines are more likely to be met
  • Get inboxes down to ZERO unread emails, and sustain this ongoing
  • Better prioritisation and take more focused action
  • Increased accountability and awareness across the team if an entire team does it. This also promotes better teamwork and productivity
  • Positive impact on the client service and the bottom line, as additional time is freed up for higher value projects, creativity and innovation
  • Increased collaboration and overall improved team dynamics, as individuals feel in better control and in a more positive position to contribute beyond daily task management
  • Higher focus on execution with more focus on optimal results and return on investment
  • Reap the rewards of staff claiming an additional 1 hour time back

“I liked the easy to use guide, simplicity, able to grasp contents and hands on training.” Participant, Housing NSW

Like all of our programs this one can be tailored to the individual needs of every client, and can include integration of internal workflow and customer relationship management software and systems e.g. TRIM.

Every course also involves participants producing their own personal action plan using our Personal Improvement Grid.