Webinar Recording: Writing your best resume cv

This is a recording from our Webinar on: Writing your BEST résumé / CV

Get your own editable MSWord example of a best practice CV/résumé after the webinar!

Time: 1 hour

Cost: $59


This highly practical 1-hour webinar will give you practical tips & tools to ensure you write your best CV/résumé and maximise your chances of getting invited for the interview!

“Simon simplified what I previously viewed as a complicated and overwhelming process. He clearly explained and walked us through a wide range of tools that I can employ when I must apply for a job” Administrator, NSW Office of Sport (attended our recent Targeted Questions webinar)

In this information-packed, interactive webinar:

  • Simon will talk you through a proven, best practice CV/résumé template, outlining the practical dos & don’ts of constructing your CV
    • You’ll be emailed an editable MS Word copy of the CV template afterwards
  • How to tailor your CV/résumé to answer the Focus and other Capabilities (or equivalent for a non-Capability Framework application)
  • Also highly applicable to applying for roles in the Private Sector, NGOs and Not-for-Profit organisations
  • Why Achievements are so important and practical tips to write them
  • Why the first 2 pages of your CV are so important and how to address that
  • How to give the best evidence to the panel/employer to demonstrate your expertise
  • Lots more tips & tricks!

Your CV/résumé is a critical part of your Government application. For the Private Sector, it IS your application (this webinar will also be extremely valuable if you’re applying for Private Sector roles).

Gone are the days when your CV/résumé was more of a necessary evil that you sent in addition to your [long!] response addressing Selection Criteria for a NSW Government role!

Now you need to make sure your CV/résumé tells the panel YOU are the person for the role, and they need to interview you!

We all know competition for Government jobs is becoming fiercer. It’s like a race – you want need to win!

Often the margin for coming first in The Job Race is very slim …any edge you can get may be the 1/100th of a second that gets YOU over the line first!

This highly practical 1-hour webinar will ensure you write your best CV/résumé to give you that edge and maximise your chances of getting invited for the interview!

“Simon was such an engaging presenter.  I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and learnt so much.” 
Previous Webinar Participant

Whether you’re in a temporary role applying for permanent position, in a permanent role already but looking to move, or new to the Government application process, this webinar will give you best practice, practical tools you can apply to write the best resume!

Webinar – To get access to the recording of this webinar, sent us an e-mail to: [email protected] with your request!

 “The best CV/interview course I have attended” Course participant, NSW SRWSD

“I would highly recommend this training for NSW government employees recruiting under the GSE Framework.” 

Stand by for more webinars on Interview Tips, How to prepare for Capability Assessments (such as online testing, interviews and work sample tasks such as case studies, role plays and group activities), dealing with anxiety and planning your next career move!

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