Cut e-mail stress…get back an hour a day

Do you feel like you’re constantly battling the email onslaught? Doing work e-mails at home after dinner? No space for the strategic thinking you need to do? Feel like your days are too short and wish you had 2 (or 10!) hours extra every day to get your work done? Are you (almost) missing deadlines? It doesn’t have to be this stressful… Our Time Management and Effective Use of Email program gets results! We guarantee it.

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”
Michael Altshuler

Manage your time and plan effectively – gain back 1 hour+ a day to spend on what’s important to you. Get your inbox to ZERO unread emails – that’s got to be of interest, surely!

We do things a bit differently…

Unlike most training where you’re often just too busy afterwards to put into practice what you learned, our trainers take people through the theory then stop and help you put it into practice right there and then.

You’ll walk away on the day having taken action & implemented what you need to do to change. Our trainers either go with participants back to their desks to assist them, or work with them in an IT room to make sure they actually implement the stuff being taught right there and then on their live profile.

“The Outlook training has been the best, most practical training I have ever received. It has totally reduced my feelings of being overwhelmed and has reduced “email stress” immensely. I cannot thank you enough.”
Manager, NSW FACS

This Time Management and Effective Use of Email program doesn’t just focus on emails though. It imparts best practice Time Management principles plus calendar & diary planning, and immediately usable, very practical tools, tips, methods and frameworks that actually work in the real world. As well as amazing short cuts and tips to use Outlook, Gmail (or your e-mail software) to its best practical advantage.

“I’m completely anal & organised and it’s helped me become more effective and efficient, so it can help everyone!”
Team Leader, NSW FACS

As a result of this course staff will miss less deadlines, stress less, get more done and get back up to 1 hour and more per day to spend on the important tasks (or go home earlier!– and get their inboxes down to ZERO unread emails!

Really liked the hands on work at computer…and one-on-one practical help”.
Participant, NSW FACS

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