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Want To Get Better At Interviews & Applications?

  Restructure? VR? Need to reapply for your role, or look for a new one? Want to go for that promotion? Or maybe you simply

Merry Christmas from Southern Cross Coaching & Development!

Thank you for your support this year, and for being part of the Southern Cross Coaching & Development Community. We look forward to working with

Hot Links to Learning – Career Management

Our Hot Links topic for this week is Career Development and Performance Improvement at work. We hope these links will assist you in encouraging and

Job Interviews: Top Tips for Better Outcomes

If you are not a fan of job interviews then you’re not alone! We have delivered our Job Application and Interview Skills training course to

Job Application & Interview Skills – In-House Course – 18 Aug 2016

” The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Benjamin Franklin Whether you have to apply for

Writing to Targeted Questions – Job Application Top Tips

In this article we are talking about answering Targeted Questions in a 1-2 page covering letter, in line with the NSW Government GSE Act 2013

How To Become ‘Luckier’ In Getting Your Next Job

Tips and tricks for better covering letters, CVs & interviews From what we’ve seen in the recruitment process and sitting on interview panels, we reckon

#1 Top Tip for Better Job Applications & Interviews

If you don’t like interviews, you’re not alone! In our experience of delivering our Job Application & Interview Skills training course to well over 3500